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Urahara and Yoruichi

Truely the OTP. Mwahaha. XD

My favorite of the Bleach fanarts I've done thus far. I'm really happy with how Urahara came out, especially compared to my first attempt at him. I think I finally managed to capture "him".

Yoruichi is being all kitty-like.

...It's hard to be spoiler free when it comes to this. :D
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drawing is awesome!!! I love Urahara smile and the way he closes his eyes! he seems a little "nicer " than his attitude normally . Yoruichi being kitty is also cute , but it seems a little "strong " for kitty , should you make her smoother:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: ?  
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yes. just yes.  This is awesome O: <3
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This is incredibly good! :O
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It´s so cute^^
very adorable
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awwwws cuuuuuute!
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Thats Adorable!!! Great Job
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I love them as a couple!!
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Fav pairing in Bleach, it's like they were created for each other, I wonder what their kid would look like?
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I was searching for a picture of them long time ago,
and then i found this its so beautiful.
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Yoruichi is done better, but still so aww inducing.
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This is made of win.
I 'aw'ed immediately.
Good job, and thanks for posting!
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They are just so cute!!
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Amazing! You DEFINITELY captured Urahara's character and this combination with Yoruichi is absolutely adorable!
Oh my goodness that is just so so so so cute
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Aw~ so kawaii! That reminds me of me and the black cat that i befriended!~ aw~
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PERFECT!!!! my boyfriend calls me his yoruichi :)
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My mind just imploded with adorableness :D
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