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July 9, 2011
The suggester says: "It's simply one of the better pixel art pieces I've seen on this site. The colours, the sense of that oldschool retro feel that the artist is able to convey in his piece, while keeping a low colour count, but is still able to make it hold its own against today's games is what really makes it for me. I believe that this is an artist that everyone truly interested in pixel art can learn from."
Hero - CF - 221109 by ~Amon-Devilman
Featured by vanmall
Suggested by xeroxz2k7
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Hero - CF - 221109



Yeah still working on it.
And yeah I still ain't quite got the troopers firing at ya yet. They're a lil complicated but hopefully worth the hassle. They are what I'm focusing on coding/animating now. They (and other elements of the graphics) have been improved since the last screenshots though what you can't see in still shots are the smooth animations.

edit: Wondered what the new trend in faving this piece was about. Seems I got another Daily Deviation. Thanks muchly for that.

Should explain for those that don't know this is a project inspired by the excellent game Hero by Daniel Remar. This has been in development on and off for a long time and these screenshots are pretty out of date now. I can't show current screenshots as I've torn apart the game so much changing things and improving stuff for better play and easier/quicker developing I need some time to put it back into a presentable state. For one thing the tileset for this level has changed to a simpler but more interesting style since these shots were taken.
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Looking forward to this game too c: