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Atomica - 'title'

Commission work done at end of 2010 for [link] for his album Atomica and requested a 16 bit style video game album cover and inlay art.

This is the cover. Originally there was to be some back drop some sort of destruction like a city being attacked but it was cut due to time. Not massively fond of the gradient but it does the trick alright. Quite pleased with the character though as I suck at drawing women and this is probably the largest pixel piece I've done in ages, if not ever.

Note: Volt 9000 is the musician's name and Atomica is the album name as well as the 'game heroine'.

I used a 16 color palette for all pieces of this commission project. Just for practising color efficiency rather than any official rule.

Ingame shot can be viewed on it's own at [link]
All pieces of this project can be viewed together at [link]
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This is so good. The colors and shading and detail are so professional!
Love the colors a lot too.
Great job!
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oldschool demoscene style meets old school heavy metal style ;P
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Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude this is AWESOME
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Fantastic! I'm especially in love with the choice of colours, an instant favourite.
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Wow! fantastic pixel work!
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Mmm! I like it! What programms you use?
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Paint Shop Pro 7 or Pro Motion 6.1 depending on what I'm doing at the time.
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wonderful work on the font !
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Wow pretty handy with the whole 16 bit of everything there Amon-Devilman, will say the whole idea of a bot girl like her already sounds quite appealing, especially the added touch of her name Atomica, nice.

Really get a good retro feel from the image, like the old SNES days and even more how the background is done with the zooming bright lines moving behind her, damn brings back a few titles to mind, lol.

Pleasing is definitely the word to describe what you've done here and even more the way your able to add such a cool and vibrant title on the image, like your touch of death metal/transformers.

Oh and before I forget, nicely done work on the design work for Atomica's body, meaning the way you did the joint work around the arms, legs, and stomach. Not to mention a nice dark tone but not too dark that it gets lost in the starry sky, bravo Amon-Devilman.

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Heh, thanks for that long post. Can't take credit for the name as that's what the musician's album is called and was him who wanted a fembot type in a reddish/black scheme but I was allowed free reign of what to do and how to do it. Was a fun commission and yeah definitely inspired by metal album covers and Transformers. I'm pretty happy with this and the 'in-game' mock up I did for it too.

Thanks again =)
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Well besides the band it nice they let you have such a free spin on her for her sexy design though, that along you gotta take credit for, lol.

Think you did pretty rad on the whole feel of a sexy transformers on the cover, here's hoping might happen to catch it in stores one day. *thumbs up*

Hey not a problem at all Amon! *tips hat*

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Wow, this is so amazing. Deserves way more attention. I love the colors^^
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Aw thank you very much for saying so.
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Woah, this looks AWESOME!
Makes me think of an Amiga game like Turrican :D
Great job!
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Turrican II on Amiga (and Super Turrican on SNES) is one of my all time fave games so very much likely influences me. Sometimes I load it up on my Amiga 1200 in my 'retro corner' in the other room just to get to the title screen and listen to 'the best damn video game theme tune ever!'. So yeah I'm very happy this piece reminds you of Turrican =)
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