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8-bit RoboCop in his car

By Carnivius
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Just crusing along…

Sprited this for the lil 8-bit RoboCop project for him to arrive in at the start of each level.  Designed to fit the 8x8 tile grid for memory reasons (the wheels fit into that and thus can be re-used on other vehicles).  Yes, those of you who know your RoboCop stuffs, this is indeed the car from the TV series rather than the movies.  Reasons for this be as so:

  1. It’s a bit more compact (being a two door rather than four)
  2. I have two very different sized toys of it which I used for reference (the movie car was never released as a toy, just model kits)
  3. I think it’s cool and I like how the lights on top formed a V shape so you can see all three colours even from the side like so.

I’ll do the movie car later on when I have better reference and have it be an optional setting like Robo’s armour colour is.

Amstrad CPC - Mode 0 ‘wide pixels’ 16 colour res.

Scaled up x2 for easier viewing.

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looks top and ace. youre working on this as a game then? great stuff. Also i know what Cyber Drone means, the iconic foot out of the car. you could still have a getting-out animation where we can see the feet through the gap under the car though! *thud* :D
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Thanks.  It's sort of a lil game project.  And yeah maybe I could reuse one of the leg frames that has the foot flat on floor and have it start up higher than normal (since the RoboCop object is made up of a top half and bottom half, the bottom half could be raised for this with the car hiding the overlapping) then slide down.   I'll try some things when I get time.  More important things to do first though =p
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well youve got me singing the robocop theme tune!
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you're welcome =p
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Looks cool. Just waiting to see the door open and his foot come down! hehe ;)
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Well I don't think you'll see the door open.  Remember american drivers sit on the left hand side.  But he will get out of it and walk onwards.
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Silly Americans doing things the wrong way! hehe =P
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Is the right way in this case.  As my levels go left to right so I don't have to pixel the door opening and wasting more memory. =p
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That's one fine looking RoboCop car.
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