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Super Albino: Llamas are awesome! (332)
My bestie, Sarah has just joined DeviantArt so go have a look if you're into cosplay/art/retrogaming and other such things. :)
I return!
Back after a couple of strange internet-less weeks.  Now I have 10 times faster fibre optic for less than what I was paying for crapnet so all good.  Gonna take me a while to catch up on everything though.  Hope you've all been well. =)
No internet!
I won't have internet from Feb 13th til March 2nd so any messages I get here won't be read or replied to til then.   Enjoy the rest of your february, people. =)


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Happy Birthday
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Got my large KO Grimlock!  Had no idea about the metal parts and light up eyes.  It's awesome =)

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That Grimlock is so HUGE!! How he should be! Looking epic standing over the rest! I didn't know he had like up eyes. they do go that little extra with these 3rd party figures. Don't they?

I see you saw the review of the 13th Doctor figure on Prime vs Prime video. hehe Does look a cool figure. Shame about the arm joints though. will have to pick it up when it comes out. he is lucky to get review samples. I also followed / watched you or what ever they call it on youtube. Saw your Omegatron video working for a while ago. hehe

Oh did you see the Seven20 figure of the 13th Doctor? Looks like a Dapol version! hehe I stick with the CO version.
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dang i keep forgetting to come here. i use instagram for my figure pics and stuff these days.
um let's see.  I saw the bumblebee movie on 15th december. Kinda hated it.  The film itself was ok but really unoriginal (felt like i was watching bits of the 2007 movie mixed with Short Circuit and why was Bee a puppy for most of the film except when he turned into red-eyed murder-bee near the end and yet charlie didn't seem bothered). Really disliked the g1 bots (and now Studio Series has that blocky Prime in it..ugh... We have Siege for all that G1-ness...  And john cena was acting like he was in an actual cartoon and not a live action movie.. oh and so much 80s music just in case you ever forgot it's set in the 80s.. and bee randomly playing 'The Touch' of course cos meh...

Omegatron huh?  Hm, I sold that last year for a nice amount.  Was a cool toy but I had no use for it anymore =)

I cracked open the junker Millennium Falcon from when I sold a bunch of star wars figures and stuff for the charity shop almost a year ago, with intention of selling off the useful parts... and found five more figures somehow inside the main closed off area of the ship.. not the cockpit and not the purposely open area at the back.. they were right inside and i can't figure out how they got there but yay more money for me.

I treated myself to a second hand Unique Toys Challenger (Masterpiece The Last Knight Optimus Prime) for £80 I saw on a Facebook group.  It is awesome.  I can't get over how the chunky truck completely hides away inside the slender robot.  It's insane.  Also came with the pre-order bonuses of Merlin's staff in two sizes (tiny one fits a Mega Construx/Lego hand so Skeletor is holding it cos closest thing I got to a Merlin... =p) and a sword for Peru Kill (UT Lockdown) much the same as the one that came with Studio Series Lockdown but much bigger obviously for the much larger Peru Kill but I'm not intending to get that figure (not making a habit of getting expensive TFs.  OS Grimlock and UT Challenger cost me plenty) so I'll probably sell the sword to someone who has the figure and needs the sword.

Have ordered me Studio Series Jetfire cos I love the robot mode (it's so much better done this time than on the RotF figure) and will be buying the improved Prime to combine with occassionally too.   (another expense. I need to slow down but dammit it's one of the best waves of Studio ever with improved Prime, Bonecrusher, Jetfire, DotM Megatron, Barricade and Sideswipe all on my want list).

Really liked that Doctor Who episode on new years day (except for annoyingly huge font on the location names, and the awkward 'funny' bit with the family when their wi fi goes down).  Most interesting use of a Dalek in ages and I liked how it made it's own tank shell from alien and earth parts like the Doctor made her sonic.  And it killed a load of guys too. :D  But people still complain.. blah blah... I thought the bit about UNIT was actually a very realistic reason (and as much as I like UNIT it was often too easy to wonder where the hell they were and probably costs a fair bit of TV budget to bring in Kate and a whole platoon of soldiers so having it shutdown through lack of funding made sense to me).

Hope you had a good christmas.  My day was crap and lonely but boxing day was awesome cos my friend Kerry invited me over and we played games with her and her folks.  Some word game called Banana that used scrabble-like tiles and then Cards Against Humanity.  Both of which i've never played before but i won every round we played.  =) 
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Been a while dude! And yeah you were lucky that this sent haha I've had my dads all over the place with Xmas and new years. so not been online much anyways. And funny you say about Instagram. i've been thinking of joining up and posting. if i do or not that's another story. hehe but if i do i will let you know and you will have to give me yours. and i follow or what ever your do on there.

I've not seen the Bumblebee movie yet. Will wait till in comes out on disc or something.

Weird that you found some figures hiding is the Falcon. No super rare figures in there then? maybe they took the cardboard part and stuck the figures in there? who knows. Coll that your treated yourself to some new figures. I have seen that Unique Toys Challenger. Looks cool. And don't Studio Series Jetfire combine with the Prime?

I did enjoy the New Years Doctor Who episode. The DIY Dalek I thought looked good. haha na i didn't like the so called 'Joke' of no wi-fi. And The UNIT being disbanded didn't really make sense as a Brexit dig as we maybe leaving the EU which is just a trade union. Not the UN. you would think they would know. but it is what it is. I did she some people complaining about it. even how homophobic the Dalek was for killing the gay guard!? Sometimes i don't know if people are serous or just trolling with the complaining. haha All in all i thought the last series of Doctor Who was OK. Could have it been better? Yeah. i think the writing on some of the episodes has just been weak. other than that i have no problem with it. One thing I can say about Chibnall is he must have the fastest record for hated producer. took a few years before JNT, RTD and Moffat were this hated! hehe. but it comes with the job I guess.

Xmas was a bit naff for me too. Xmas day i didn't do much. no doctor who to watch. haha glad you had a good boxing day though. And i'm sure you beat me at Cards Against humanity. I've never played it. but i hear it fun.
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Jetfire is awesome. Got Prime yesterday too. :D

and combine them!

I loves =)
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