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CyberDrone Featured By Owner 6 hours ago
Some of the War for Cybertron line don't look too bad from what i've seen. Looks like Micro Masters are returning too. I saw the new movie Bee figure and looks good. and had to laugh at the retro pack in with the old G! cassettes. I'm a sucker for those old things. would have been cool for them to do undated versions though. But as they are exclusives i won't be getting them. Also I heard that Dropkick will be released twice. once as the chopper and another as the car. as the film want to make more accurate versions if it was a triple changer it wouldn't look so good. not sure if that's true. but what i read.

hehe i saw a photo of those Dungeons & Dragons 'figures' and nearly had a heart attack thinking finally. but then found out they were just statues. Bah. do look good. The only figures based on the old cartoon that was released back then where from spain or something. and then they were just nor poseable PVC figures i think.

Saw the New Animated series figures. New two face. grey ghost and scarecrow. Batman and Batcycle!! and still really want those Justice League figures!!

And what do you think of the new She-Ra art look? i'm like Meh. but better than Thundercats Roar.

sure there are some other stuff i've missed. and trying to catch up on.
Carnivius Featured By Owner 2 days ago
yeah i seen the new Transformers lines.  War for Cybertron doesn't really appeal to me  unless they come out with a reeeeally cool G1 character update.  More Studio figures and VW Bee looks great (in both yellow, mistransformed backpack in the display pics) and the gold version (with yet more shitty G1 dino cassettes Hasbro didn't consider worth selling back in the 80s).   TYhe only other new mold in the new wave is Dropkick...who is a helicopter which looks nice (a deluxe buddy for Blackout) but confused since Dropkick is a car in the Bee movie but supposedly a triple changer so i guess this be his chopper toy.  The other toys are the previously announced voyager Ironhide (that some lucky folk already got... I've just missed out on an early order.. bah), Revenge of the Fallen Starscream (tattoos and buzzsaw... I need this figure even though I have the first version),  KSI Bot/Trax (which is a really nice blue repaint of Stinger with new head and weapon), Dark of the Moon Ratchet (new deco and gun), Shadow Raider (odd name for an orange repaint of Lockdown with new weapon and a new head based on Lockdown's battle mask).  I'll prob get all of them with various degrees of priority (Ironhide, RotF Screamer and VW Bee as my most wants). Still no word of any new Leader class figures.  Only Wave 1's had that so far.

Saw some amazing Dungeons & Dragons 80s cartoon statues.. but yeah.. statures... I WANT POSABLE FIGURES WE NEVER HAD WHEN THE SHOW WAS ON!

Some cool NECA stuff shown, my main want being the Ultimate God of War pack of a Kratos (different to the recent single pack one I have) and this comes with his "BOI!" Atreus and various accessories including the head of Mimir (which is an ally if you haven't played the game... his talking head hangs on Kratos' belt and provides much humour and lore-telling)

By the way did you see the Uncharted short fan film starring Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake (like the fans have wanted for yeeeears)?   It's awesome.  I'm a big fan of the game series and Fillion so to have it all somehow come together is awesome.  Fifteen minutes is not enough though.   To hell with the 'official' Uncharted movie that's been in development hell for a decade and now recently said to be about a young Drake played by Tom 'not really Spider-Man, more just Tony Stark's pet" Holland, THE FANS WANT FILLION IN A FULL LENGTH MOVIE!!!
CyberDrone Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2018
Well you never know. with toys r us gone I wonder if Hasbro has got warehouse full of stock and sells them off cheap to B&M or TK Maxx?

I saw the new Generations figures too. Primes truck mode. is all clear plastic light! robot mode is ok. same as Swipeswipe. and looks like they are bringing Target Masters back. I'm sure we will see some more info about the toys next weekend with SDCC.

Yeah saw the new Bee movie Decepticons. don't look too bad. and i was surprised Angela Bassett is voicing one.

Did you see the new Doctor Who teaser trailer?
Carnivius Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2018
Those ain't bad prices for Grim and Blackout since they're often between 50 and 60 elsewhere.  Wish I could find Blackout super cheap in B&M or TK Maxx. =p

Yeah Cyberverse looks crap.  The new electronic Bumblebee from the new film looks fun but I'm waiting for the Studio version. 
New G1-ishGenerations series is beginning and revealed Sideswipe (nice car i guess, ultra-generic robot mode) and Optimus Prime (robot's ok... truck is ugly blocky weird crud).

I like the look of the two new Decepticons from the Bee film. Shatter and Dropkick.  Bizarrely Shatter is female bot (first fem-con in the movieverse) and voiced by Angela Bassett who i would never have guessed would voice a transformer.  Looking forward to more toys. =)
CyberDrone Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018
hehe yeah the Street Fighter II Joe figures were weird. Ken's face is funny. but for 50p I thought I would pick it up.

Hopefully B & M will get the exclusive right to release those DC JL figures in the UK? hehe wishful thinking! XD

I did see the Studio Series Grimlock and Blackout in Fenwicks this week. £49.99 each. both look really good. but moneys so tight at the moment and having problems with my disability payment so need to watch my money. You know what that's like? so any toys i can get at the moment will have to be cheap from Bootsales or Charity shops. but those seem to be thin on the ground for toys i want in them.

Did see those new crappy Cyberverse figures in Smyths. Shockwave looks OK. the rest crap. don't want any of them. but always good to look. the price for the 'deluxe' well looks a bit smaller than a deluxe is £15.99. crazy.
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