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Mega Mega Man X - Animated by Carnivius, visual art

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Favourite Visual Artist
LianneC, Geoff Senior, Ivan Reis, Bruce Timm, Neal Adams, Kuberts, Jim Lee
Favourite Movies
The Dark Knight, Transformers series, Serenity, Evil Dead 2, American Werewolf In London
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Nine Inch Nails, Johnny Cash, Kate Bush, Filter,Rob Zombie, Led Zep, Lacuna Coil, KMFDM, VAST, Kinks
Favourite Writers
Steven Moffat
Favourite Games
Uncharted 1&2!!! also The Warriors, SwitchBlade, Castevania SotN, Bully, Super Street Fighter IV
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS3/PS2/PSP/NES/Super NES/ Amiga/ AmstradCPC/Emulators
Tools of the Trade
Paint Shop Pro 7, Pro Motion V6, Game Maker 8.1
Other Interests
Doctor Who, Comics, Drawing, Music, Acting, Karate, Marvel/Movie Transformers
My bestie, Sarah has just joined DeviantArt so go have a look if you're into cosplay/art/retrogaming and other such things. :)
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I return!

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Back after a couple of strange internet-less weeks.  Now I have 10 times faster fibre optic for less than what I was paying for crapnet so all good.  Gonna take me a while to catch up on everything though.  Hope you've all been well. =)
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No internet!

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I won't have internet from Feb 13th til March 2nd so any messages I get here won't be read or replied to til then.   Enjoy the rest of your february, people. =)
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Hey, yo, Carni, how have you been?

Alright mate! Finally logged back on alter all this time! Sorry been so long since I’ve been on here. Not even tried to log on to the other account I’ve got on here. With the changes to DA with eclipse I couldn’t seem to get it show me all my messages and with my old slow laptop it was a nightmare to load. The old layout was easier on my old one. and then my old laptop died it took with it all my passwords that I couldn’t remember. Got a new lappy. Still getting the hang of it after a few months. Kept forgetting to sort everything out. Or just being a slacker! XD. Plus everything else that’s has happened over the last few months I’ve just not had much chance to get back onto here. Hope you are doing ok and are well in these crazy times? I’m mostly on Instagram now posting crap on there. Well visit once or twice a day. Can only access it on the new laptop. My phone is still way too old for the app! Can’t afford a new laptop and phone with bills and toys to buy! haha I’m mrcyberdrone on Instagram if you are on there.

Holy shit. ok i'mma talk to you there...

Got my large KO Grimlock!  Had no idea about the metal parts and light up eyes.  It's awesome =)

That Grimlock is so HUGE!! How he should be! Looking epic standing over the rest! I didn't know he had like up eyes. they do go that little extra with these 3rd party figures. Don't they?

I see you saw the review of the 13th Doctor figure on Prime vs Prime video. hehe Does look a cool figure. Shame about the arm joints though. will have to pick it up when it comes out. he is lucky to get review samples. I also followed / watched you or what ever they call it on youtube. Saw your Omegatron video working for a while ago. hehe

Oh did you see the Seven20 figure of the 13th Doctor? Looks like a Dapol version! hehe I stick with the CO version.