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COM- Roxstein Badge

..a badge for :iconroxstein: commissioned by :iconvammtur:~!

daaaaawh :'3 izzo nice of Vamm-kun ^^-;;
THANKYOU AGAIN FRO COMMISSIONING ME! have fun 'Con-going' you two! :'D

*Inked with an ARTline 0.4 Feltip. Coloured with markers, pencils, white gelpen, n re-inked in part with a black ballpoint.
Roxstein character © ~roxstein
Commissioned by ~Vammtur

ARTz drawn by myself
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© 2008 - 2021 carnival
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Natural-Mind's avatar
Great pic !
and Yeahhh!! Nine Inch Nails ! <3 :D
Anthro-morph's avatar
OMG NIN! TOTALMELTDOWN! lol. Very cool. :D
WhiteFurr's avatar
the very details are amazing, you got me by the style that I love to work on, simply amazing reat work.
GrendelDemon's avatar
awesome pic, amazingly well done, I especially love the way you did her hair, face, clothing, shiny belt, and earrings =D
Damn your freaking good ^_^
carnival's avatar
........*cough* his ^^; lol androginy~~
GrendelDemon's avatar
dang, i wasn't to sure with the gender on this one ^^;
taco85's avatar
What do you use to colour??
carnival's avatar
Markers, pencils n a dash of white gel pen/paints :'3
taco85's avatar
fancy! I only gots crayola colour pencils... ^^; But I'm very good at using them, though I wish I had a larger range of colour pencils.
carnival's avatar
you can -always- use whatever you got~! :'D

i've seen a certian ~thezidane do AMAZING things with just cruddy cheap-ass pencils~~ \|'3 :heart:
Kraden's avatar
I ghad damn love that background.

Good work for a trad piece Carni :D
carnival's avatar was a rushed make-shift! \|'D but it turned out not as 'flat n crap' as most makeshifts i do.. \|'3 i loooove you white-gel pen~~~ *secretsmooch*
Kraden's avatar
O_O..Did you just make out with a gel marker?
carnival's avatar
LOL, no! X'D

it markers and pencil n gel-pen~~~ :'3 the white just brings it out though~~ X'S
2dumb2die's avatar
thats exreeeemmme lyee cute
Rawk-z3r0's avatar

Like the NIN shirt.

How much is a badge commission? I would love to give you money, AND see myself drawn in your awesome seizuresploding style.
carnival's avatar
ALL CLOSED right now.... :'< buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~

until i finish all the current comms ah got anyways ^^-;; i might open up just for badges after them :'3
Rawk-z3r0's avatar

Will you post journal entry when a status of open becomes?

Rawk-z3r0's avatar

Thankoos. ^_^
carnival's avatar
AHHHHHH WILL BE. ^________^
Freelancer89's avatar
Nine inche Nails indeed =p
hughreturnsasofnow's avatar
you draw the best badges. seriously...
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