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..And that's a wrap for the 2018 Con'Season! by carnival
..And so approaches the final months of 2018!

Feel as though it's worth making a quickie-post to update how things be truckin' this side in before 2018 tips its hat for the final time

To recap; both [West Aussie Fur Frenzy] & 
[AliCon] are indeed well concluded for the final two events I was lucky enough to be trading at this year.
It was an absolute Honour to be invited out to WA for the Waff event as GoH, the convention & location itself was just outstanding and had a real great time out with you all!!
-And Awesome to see Pony Events back in Australia after the years-long drought we've had! Catching up with the SA'siders was a treat and here's looking forward to many more to come! :heart:

Here's a link again to the snaps; [2018 WAFF Facebook Gallery]
(Didn't get around to posting a AliCon-Specific folder, whups!)

..But to catch the action, WiPs inbetweeners and what-not FaceBook and Twitter are the ones to watch

As for the last few months closing down toward Xmas and the New Year
-Next weekend my partners and I shall be road-tripping up to a dear friend, Kell & Leopards, wedding coming up this next weekend *exciting!

-Then it looks very much like over December my Housemates and I shall all be moving also. (Not under any dire circumstances; but more the House we're shifting into is one that housemate wilcoblackflame had purchased a while back is now very much in the final stages of being ready for us to shift into!)

We're all pretty excited at the prospect of having somewhere a little more permanent to reside (and no longer worry about Rent Contract renewals each year!) So here's hoping it's the last move we'll be doing for a long'ass while! :love:

Til next update/which might be into next year now!
STAY AMAZING! and creative and safe into the holidaying Season erry'body! :huggle:

Heart Border [Rainbow] by RevPixy  Heart Border [Rainbow] by RevPixy

And if you appreciate my work, feel free to spring me cuppa over @ if you want :meow: Cheers!

[sweetART] Forum by Gasara And Other recent junkette~
-AHHHHHHHHHHHH THIS LATEST MYSTERY SKULLS Song'CLIP IS SO DANG RAD!!] ..though perhaps see the First and Second first if you haven't already though!
-..Spending too much time on cross-posting artwork across platforms? [Try PostyBird!]
-Turned 32 this year~! :U holy crepe~! THANKYOU allll so very much for the well-wishes and messages erryone~! :heart:
-Hoooole-y Cow! THIS is cool! X3

External junkets, con-trading, etc~!
:iconkraden: .:pink little heart:. by Chipi-Chiu:iconcarnival: .:pink little heart:. by Chipi-Chiu:iconmeltoria:
Beautiful pixel avatars by the awesome P-Aei & Hardrockangel!

Conventions Traded @ in 2018! *2019 coming soon!
:bulletred: Confurgence, Melbourne; February 23-25th, 2018 
:bulletorange: FurDU, Surfers Paradise; May 4-6th, 2018
:bulletyellow: HCFC, Sydney; 27-29 July, 2018
:bulletgreen: ★GoH @ WAFF, Perth; 7-9 September, 2018 (ahhhhh! ❤)
:bulletblue: AliCon, Adelaide; 22-23 September, 2018

Picarto Mini by Kimicha Picarto Streaming Channel to catch the creation in progress when that's on! n_n
Facebook Social Icon by Gasara Facebook Illustration Page
 Twitter Twitter Page
OMG MOAR POEMS! Buncha free helpful Freelancer resources
:gallery: Free 227-pack of downloadable Textures!
the paaaaaiiin Very First online Gallery over @ Side7

The wonderful peeps in tha weld~!
yahelgaming24, lycaon1765, Ztarli, James3DArts, Enpurii-Adopts, Loozard, SimonDrayzer, TheDifferentUsername, Mask-Insanity, keyootee, realpiggysmallz, puppywine, bwongi, Donkey-Unicorn, Dragonburst23, ToxiK-Rodent, lionandwolfe, Shreezie, beerASS, niradol, Sozanek, Heroboy98, EternoxS, PhantomWillpower, Nizakiruka, JaySilent172, Porgarmy, VShil0h, NokeFuchs, LuxiaTheBunny, Dapix96, liselotte41, MamaMangoes, gahw, LuaScripts, Detch-747, BiscuitBoi52, TheInternetDork, FOX-OXIDIAN, alfanzothetwat, ThePhantomBeast, Yuki-KT, midnightblut, CasualFurryTrash, SLeopard, Anthonylopez14, Calvin286, Arthen065, evaionperez231, Dark-Blue-Fox, hangover1234, Astraven, RaptorFruitcake, gamewitt20, PrismaticRaindrop, orinscrivello, Azhyarell, Boogeestro, Sentinehellion, CaptainMangringo, PhantomSage210, SirPhoenic, Onion-hime, RainbowTashie, Lemony-Pie, Kehemoth, skitz17, Aron-Fox, jjuliuz, Blits-Rainer, Celiaurore

Thanx for the Watches peeps~! 8D you guy are super neat/sweet/KOOL! AND HAVE THIS SUSHI. :sushi: :sushi: :sushi:

ARTwork off the POST BOOOOW!

ARTwork Commissioning opened @ present!

Pencil and paper by Angi-ShyCheck this link for rough price-guides here!
..And any/or other idea/budget that falls outside of the offer above, please feel free to drop me a note! n__n/


Work Load Queue!
Current Work Load Queue!
benthekitty Cintique GLORY! Comic; *Drafting still .. like a scrub~ \|S
glamourfan Scrap Ref sheeting; Sketching >> Inked >> Colouring 96%

TheSaberFox 2x Single character Digipaints; Sketched >> Inked >> Colouring *Pending

FurDU(+post FurDU) Orders/Workload

mechaman Single Character; Sketching 0%
blazewing117 Traditional Bust; COMPLETE
Moonlight-Trance Digital Full Body; *Drafting
April; Bust Badge Sketching 0%
Elizabeth 2x RPG Badges; COMPLETE!
Kase Bust Badge; Sketching 0%
Jimmie 2x Traditional Character Busts; COMPLETE
patpahootie Deluxe Badge; Sketched >> Inking 0%
Neko Waist-Up Badge; Sketched >> Inked >> Colouring 0%
dragoonair Full Character Pin-Up; Sketched >> Inking 0%
Zachary Jaggard Scrap Ref; *Drafting
sabremccullough Wc Special; Sketched >> Inking 0%
haskil Waist-Up Digial Ink; Sketching 0%
Navile Traditional Bust Colour; COMPLETE

bwuff 4-stage TF Sequence; Sketched >> Inking 0%
2dumb2die 2 Character Wing'It; *Drafting
Alterflane Character 'Shopping' re-outfitting; *Drafting

HCFC (& post) Orders/Workload

Ripper Bust Sketch; *Drafting
Ryffian Digital Watercolour; *Drafting
+Bust Badge; *Drafting
Tielle RPG Badge; *Drafting
Flaire Bust Badge; *Drafting
Phantom Sabre Bust Badge; *Drafting
alexithewerewolf Bust Badge; *Drafting
+2 character Waist-Up; *Drafting
Tyla Full Character Colour; *Gaining details & Pending payment!
shortmarine Ref Sheet; *Drafting
Drewby WaterColour Con-Special; *Drafting
jamessunhill Waist-Up Colour (to cut B.Marks from!); *Drafting
Joeyjoejoe Scribbles!; *Drafting
Flo Full Character digital Colour; *Drafting
lukezee RPG BADGE; *Drafting
Londonberry Digital Colour Bust; *Drafting
AJ Bust Badge; *Drafting
Chel Traditional half-character colour; COMPLETE
Totalus Bust Sketch; *Drafting
meltaria 2 Character full-character colour; *Drafting
Kaz bust up Ink; *Drafting
muttasaur Waist-Up Piccu! *Drafting
Leo Wing'It Scribbles; *Drafting
Dane Wing'It Bust-Up; *Drafting
harikuran PWYW Scribbles; *Drafting
soppip Evolving Badge + Scribbles; *Drafting
redghost187 RPG Badge; *Drafting
thefretbuzzard Digital Full Body Paint; *Drafting
Diego Bust Ink; *Drafting

WAFF (& post) Orders/Workload

Chess 'Knight' Chess-piece Badge; *Drafting 
Drakey Bust Badge; *Drafting
ArchieZT Bust Badge; *Drafting
+ Full Character Colour; *Drafting
Aquinas Full Body Sketch; *Drafting
LeftyilPonderosa Half Character Colour; *Drafting
Thunder Full body Badge; *Drafting
+Full Body Colour; *Drafting
cyrin Con Special WaterColour; *Drafting
Monica Bust Badge; *Drafting
Randzy RPG Badge; *Drafting
Wuffie Bust Badge; *Drafting
Spots Bust Badge; *Drafting
Sentine Bust Badge; *Drafting

AliCon (& post) Orders/Workload

Dalton Bust Badge; *Drafting
Kanako 2x RPG Badges; *Drafting
+Updated Ref Sheet; *Drafting
Hair Trigger 3 Character Waist-Up Colour; *Drafting 
Pipsqueak Character Deign; *Drafting
Danielle Bust Sketch Pair; *Drafting
Hotfox Bust Badge; *Drafting 
Hannah Bust Badge; *Drafting
Hoofy Half character digital Colour; *Drafting
Blitz Bust Badge; *Drafting 
Treble Colour Bust; *Drafting 
David Bust Sketch; *Drafting 
malorek Wing'It Full Character DigiPaint; *Drafting 

Other Pending details/payments;
SinuousOrchid Gummie Deluxe Badge; *Awaiting response!
Sam, Simple Ref Sheet; *Awaiting response!
Takato, RPG Badge; *Awaiting response!
Copper49 Bust Badge; *Awaiting response!
Mewtwo RPG Badge *Pending Order/payment
bwuff 2 character; *Pending Order/payment
ancera Single Character, BG Heavy(?) *Gaining details!
Sean Con-Special Water Colour; *Gaining details!
Dark Storm Waist-Up Badge; *Gaining details!
Apollo Character Drafting; *Gaining details!
Ashley Waist-Up Sketch; *Gaining details!
Angus Character Drafting; *Gaining details!
Navin Bust Sketch; *Gaining details!
Nathan Colour Digital Half Character; *Gaining details!


:bulletred:*There are also a few completed Orders ready & waiting for pick-up still also! *from conventions prior (some of them years+ old now) which the contact-details are either broken or non-responsive!
-If this is you, or you think this might be you, drop me a note or email; carnival.mailz[at] about getting that safely sent on out to you! Nod

  • Listening to: "Programming/Coding/Hacking music" - YouTube
  • Reading: Oh Myyy 'There goes the internet' - George Takei
  • Watching: Adventure Time - Season 10
  • Playing: Dead by Daylight
  • Eating: Scrabbled Eggie Bacon on Toast for lunch
  • Drinking: Water


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