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Artist // Professional // Digital Art
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[Pixel avatar by Mrlfrk on Fur Affinity!! ♥] Current Residence: Melbourne Australia

Digital/Traditional Freelance Illustrator

Favourite Visual Artist
Yasuhiro Nightow
Favourite Movies
Avatar (Blue Anthro-y Alien Peeps one) & a whole bunch of other Disney animated films
Favourite TV Shows
Avatar the Last Air Bender, Wakfu, Black Mirror, Brooklyn 99
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
TWRP, Daft Punk, Goldfish, Prodigy, Mika, Bruno Mars, Jamiroquia, Maroon 5, Smashmouth, Trance/Dance/Tribal Trance/Club/Electro Swing/House/Chiptunes & Retro Remixes in general also!
Favourite Books
MindTouch (Dream Healers Series)
Favourite Games
They Are Billions, Dead by Daylight, Billionaire Banshee, Red7, Secret Hitler, Final Fantasy VII, Abes Odyssey, Bust a Groove
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, assorted Marker brands + Pencils.
..2 Stars pass through the night and part ways into the unknown~ 2021 DA Usage Update Weelp. I might have accidentally mass-deleted my DeviantART notifications a moment ago~ .. Getting through all of the mile-and-a-half high stack of old comments and replies was something I had aspirations of finally getting through one day (but could never quite chip down into at any rate faster than that would flood in also) And with that now way to easily evaporated (with no way to easily bulk select chunks for deleting) and seemingly no recovering those either, that is indeed properly gone to the wind~ My apologies if there was anything ever sent along that left you waiting on a response, and you're seeing this now also.. -I do appreciate every word of encouragement, kindness and support offered throughout the years that started becoming too large for me to get my arms around each day/week/month/year. If there is anything urgent you might want a response on, please send a direct Note, or better
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..HOW the fudge is it half way through November????? Monthly Themes Ok! 💕 SO IT'S WAY TOO FAR 'OVER HALF WAY' into the month to be only getting this up now; but WHATEVES! Here's some Theme options for art/fiction/celebration (for the rest of what's left of) this month! •Hypno'vember Probs what I'll lean into this year for the Sketch •Snow'vember Xmas-vibes come early, ahead of the curve! •Doe'vember ..getting up ready for December! •Hip'noVember ..all hips,no Vember! X3 •Mo'vember Goofy facial hair Sona pix •Co(vid Safe)vember Mask n safe interaction themed •YES'vember Counter the it being 'no' Vember every other year •Grow'vember All things plant and nature-based! OR Macro/Muscle all month! •Glow'vember All things neon, illumination & 'Glowing Up'! •NOM'vember EATing foods (..and friends?) Themes! X3 (.. .. VOREgust lives on!) •Sew'vember or Faux'vember (Pronounced Fo'vember) All things crafty! Craft-fur & Fursuit-culture
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Head Up & Moving Forward. Be the change we want to see in the world Big Changes to Illustration Gig • [Website Coming Soon!] • New Telegram Channel up and running! Need to be on Telegram to make use of this I believe(*?) and [check that out here!] Created it primarily as a Commission Ordering info hub, but might also use it to highlight: -Stream Events -Special Offers -Updates on other New & Exciting things coming up -& also serves as a Nexus point for sharing nifty creative resources too! • New Work-related E-mail Address: Switched most things over to this now, and it'll be a much easier centralised location to keep track of work-related correspondence! • Commissions Closed for taking new Orders (for the first time in years) This is needed to clear the current List fully back to 0. *But fret-not! Will still catch the odd In-Stream Scribble-Com Stream over on Picarto & may host the odd YCH Auction through that too in before that is re-opened official
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Cool your born since 1986? It reminds me of the care bears family that show has been out since 1986 its my favorite classic ^-^

Sure was~! ^_^

And RIGHt?? \*3 Also the Wuzzles, Kimb the white Lion and SO many others! X'3

Can I speak if you want to

Hi there! (what Can I do for you?)

How’s you? I’m just someone who’s out and about looking to make new friends. I apologize for the interruption by the way.