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Hoenn Final Starter Evolutions

By Carnilmo
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So, this is the first time Sceptile is actually showing (completely) on a photo!!

I had a really good time building these guys, Sceptile is the easiest, followed by Swampert and mother-f** Blaziken (ok just that hair thing).

The three of them scale pretty good, though my Blaziken is a little bigger then the one on the blog.

Blaze [link] and Swamp [link] are already posted, Sceptile will be out someday :D

All the models were edited by :iconz8-0: , and you can only find these Amazing models on :iconpaperpokes: [link]
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Whoa-ho-ho! MEGAS!...hopefully
the most i want to build out of these three is sceptile, but i cant download any of them because i get that stupid coding..How can i get around thos problem?? please respond, i need help..
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Can't wait till SCEPTILE gets posted.
I used Gen IV name.
Gen V: Sceptile.
At least, in Gen V that pur it like Sceptile, not SCEPTILE.
I had caught legendaries, then called them by their real names, for example, (even though it was a 'nickname') when I caught Ho-Oh, (on SS) instead of leaving it as HO-OH, I called it Ho-oh, even though I made a mistake.
I'll get my friend to fix it for me.
(I have transferred it to Black already.)
Every legendary I have done that with, so I was pretty happy when Black and White came out, because it just went to show that my hard work had paid off.

Sorry, that was a little of topic.
I apologise.

P.S Please post Sceptile soon!!!
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Lol! That was utterly random and funny!
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Yaaay! All of them! I love the most hoenn's starters! The most awesome ones :love:
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I really like them too! But I also really like Sinnoh ones
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idkn y i cant get 2 the site of the links for blaziken and swampert DX
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We're having some technical issues that should be solved soon. You can use this liknk here XD
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I never really liked the Hoenn generation of Pokemon :/ I wonder how hard it is to make these? They're so awesome looking, regardless of the kind of Pokemon :P
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I really liked 3rd gen! I didn't like 4th, but today I think they're amazing, and 5th gen is still warming in my heart XD

I'm extremely clumsy in many ways, so I thought I could never make them. After finishing my first model, I realized it could be done, and practice makes perfect! Better than that, I find it very fun to build them.

So, pick an easy model you like and give it a try! Who knows what can happen. they're all here :P [link]
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Sceptile its great congrats ^^,
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They look amazing ^^ Is the branch in Sceptile's mouth real or part of the papercraft?
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Thanks ^^

The twig is real. I thought of doing one out of paper, but a real tiny twig just suits perfectly!
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As much as I love Swampert, and even though it's a great bulky water, grass starters are my type, so...

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Well you're just like my brother XD But I am loyal to Water type starters since Red ver. So I stick with them.
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My loyalty lies on Grass... makes sense, since I have a totally earth horoscope - regular sign and ascendant!!!
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very very awesome! I really like the idea of the twig in sceptiles mouth!
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That's a requirement!
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I think so too :D
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