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Royalguard by Trufanov Royalguard :icontrufanov:Trufanov 262 1 Casterly Rock 1985 by Elderscroller Casterly Rock 1985 :iconelderscroller:Elderscroller 463 67 Defenders of Ardash by yigitkoroglu Defenders of Ardash :iconyigitkoroglu:yigitkoroglu 735 28 Sepulchre of the Crying Gods map by LingonB Sepulchre of the Crying Gods map :iconlingonb:LingonB 118 10 Water siren by sakimichan Water siren :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 20,390 589 Hodor by ertacaltinoz Hodor :iconertacaltinoz:ertacaltinoz 561 35 logo by StTheo logo :iconsttheo:StTheo 758 109 I Just Can't Look Away by jollyjack I Just Can't Look Away :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 4,655 2,503 Dragon Mural Concept by Damalia Dragon Mural Concept :icondamalia:Damalia 1,911 236
We remember when you dug us from the riverbank, but we forgive you. The water was cold and the people had need of us.
We remember when you divided and shaped us, but we forgive you. We were without form and the people had need of us.
We remember when you put us in flames, but we forgive you. We were soft and the people had need of us.
We recall the day when you sent us against swords. This we forgive. The people had need of us: we would not desert them when foes were near.
We remember when you broke us with hammers. Even this we forgive. The battle was won, and the people had no more need of us.
But though shattered, we remained on the hillside, for no people came to sweep the shards away. This too we forgive, for our eyes remained littering the ground and it allowed us to see.
We saw you crowned and we rejoiced though our own heads were shattered. We saw rings on your fingers and we applauded though our own hands were lost. We saw robes on your shoulders and we were glad, though our o
:icondamonwakes:DamonWakes 325 137
Seafoam by TamberElla Seafoam :icontamberella:TamberElla 4,102 90 Oops I did it again 2 by Danelli-Armouries Oops I did it again 2 :icondanelli-armouries:Danelli-Armouries 21 16
i didn’t fall in love with you
until your skin was already grey and i
had to tell you what the weather was like
since you couldn’t leave your bed.
i didn’t mind long nights in the hospital
because making you laugh brought a warmth
to my cheeks that burnt hotter than a
forest fire, you never laughed at me for blushing
i snuck you in alcohol and forbidden foods
and pushed you around in that rusted wheel chair,
and all the nurses looked at us with
miserable eyes that said more than the doctors
would ever tell me.
naively i thought it was good news
when you said they were sending you home; but
when i saw you strewn across your wine red sheets
my heart was heavy with foreboding, and
neither one of us said anything while i
slid an iv into your paper-skin hand, so
i never asked if you were okay.
we kissed and i didn’t comment
on your snowflake lips or the fact that
your hands shook like earth quakes when
they grazed my thigh and i held you tightly
like if i could keep
:iconcrushasphyxia:crushasphyxia 294 64
How do vaccines cause autism?
Since I hear it's a rather delicate topic, here's a site that answers authoritatively the question above:
:iconspacefriend-t:Spacefriend-T 13 64

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Just some lyrics I wrote for the song linked below
Even silence can carry emotion.
Even a glance can hint at a notion.
Even a single drop can seem like an ocean.
Even sin can hide devotion.
Attraction blooming to love.
Changing the course of a heart.
Transforming junk into art.
A shy poet into a bard.
A most sincere desire
for the need is certainly dire.
You cannot build an empire
upon fragile clay and rusted wire.
But with a solemn conviction.
and silent complicity.
like a common affliction.
that calls for simplicity.
Even silence can carry emotion.
Even a glance can hint at a notion.
Even a single drop can seem like an ocean.
Even sin can hide devotion.
A dissonance within
giving way to harmony
A resonance of shared beliefs
soothing one's agony.
The only truth you can hear
is this precarious irony.
And as fears and doubts disappear
you are left in a blissful apathy.
For now it is finally the time
to forget about the intentions that led you astray
and only remember the smile
gracing your lips at the end of the day.
:iconcarnefix:Carnefix 2 0
When all we do, is smile when we are in pain.
Walk by and look away..........when we care.
Remain silent........when we want to scream.
Then it is inevitable,
that at the twilight of our hopes we wish for miracles,
divine intervention,
a stroke of luck.
As logic fails us and optimism is squeezed out of us by life's crucible.
We cling on faith,
blind and doubtful.
Only to turn to tools for those who thrive and prey upon it.
In the end,
each of us is just potential waiting to explode into greatness.
A magnificent masterpiece..........................that brims eyes with tears.
A majestic all consuming flash of destruction with pretty much the same results.
In pain we are born and tears escort us like guardian angels, as we exit life's great stage
Hopefully, our souls will get a round of applause and a raised glass as we do so.............
:iconcarnefix:Carnefix 0 0
Two Sides
I've had enough,
I've had enough of your inborn pessimism.
The faucets of welling tears you have for eyes.
That will of iron you always push aside,
along with the idle, double-edged sword called pride.
So be it then for that much is true.
Hopes and dreams were trampled anew.
The tower I was building along with you,
now lies in ruins and my heart has been shot through.
Love is overrated but we had a good time.
A ship with two captains adrift in the morning tide.
One insisting left while the other advising right,
yet you must agree it was one hell of a ride.
Still I miss you more than you know.
I can't face my fears and my doubts all alone,
my inner demons as I reap what they sow.
My hourglass, almost empty and I have nothing to show.
I hope you are done talking for I am done listening.
You were never this fragile nor this weak.
Around life's corners lie the answers that we seek,
what the future holds still remains to be seen.
I am cradling my shattered heart and all you do is laugh.
:iconcarnefix:Carnefix 1 0
I bear my wounds like medals
each a story written in despair
each a song sung under my breath
yet I still climb higher...
Stoking my ego like a furnace
so that I can burn my self doubt away
for its bluntness is a reckoning
its accusing silence resounding
yet I still cling to the last vestiges of my inner strength...
Unleashing it to wash over me
casting away exhaustion from my limbs
tightening the tethers to prevent my wrath from bursting at the seams
so that I can trample my fears and rise...
Ascend to higher ground
atop towers of gleaming steel and darkened glass
hoist myself and my bruised pride above the trash that I can unfurl my tattered wings
and reclaim my freedom.
:iconcarnefix:Carnefix 1 0
Love is...
Since the dawn of time love could never be explained with words, some say that is so because it is a feeling, a state of being. The perfect, most complicated and yet most simple of miracles.
Yet Love is always worth it because you become a better person every single time you love someone.
In your lover's eyes you are perfect no matter how flawed.
My love... you remind me of a lullaby, sung softly, but that is a shame, because you're one of the most beautiful Songs.
Looking upon you I know that there's still Magic in this world for you are proof of its existence.
Even though we can both have a bad day we can always turn to one another to let the Storm in our hearts, become the other's soothing Rain.
While Darkness embraces our souls, I wish to just lay besides you sharing doubts, hopes and dreams with you, before I offer you my hand to help you up...and into the Light.
So in the very end Lo
:iconcarnefix:Carnefix 0 0
Your Own Story
In this world that worships and exalts greed.
Storytellers will unveil story after story upon deaf ears and ice-rimed hearts
yet the souls always listen.
Silent flickers of humanity will surround themselves by ephemeral happiness.
When true happiness is so much closer, if one was to briefly remain blind
to the neon lights.
From a dusty shelf a book might beckon and the hope still exists
that a suffering soul might reach out and immerse into its comforting solace that always...
Always like an ark will take them in, providing asylum from cruel reality and a few moments of respite.
So heed my words just this once
and let's make up a fairytale
this time with an end that turns every inner child's frown
upside down.
Raising up a flag made of tattered hopes
as we attempt to cover up the diamond dust trails
cascading from our eyes.
Inkblood upon endless white.
Thoughts given form and a voice of their own
as with your own hands
you allow your own heart to speak up
telling you how much disappoin
:iconcarnefix:Carnefix 0 0
Proud Heart
Proud heart cast in cold iron
Wrapped in unbroken chains
Raging inferno sealed away deep inside
Till the embers die out
Quiet now for my heart sleeps
the ones I hold close to it
shall forever remain
wasted loyalty forever betrothed
to the unworthy
Bright eyes now stare at you
No lie can hold in their gaze
Lying tongues forever silenced
Yet resounding words still linger  
A promise once given
shall never be broken
Honor cuts like a double edged sword
Defender and Assailant
Yet I stand at the end of both edges
While the hilt remains firm in my hands
I gaze upon the blade unblemished by blood
for the hands that wield it
are merciful.
:iconcarnefix:Carnefix 0 0



I am Free.


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