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Hivebody and Anthiller - Druidic Lessons


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Hivebody and Anthiller - Druidic Lessons


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Rewriting Challenge - Children of Doom

Children of Doom (Chapter 4) – November 14th, 2012. Previously available on DeviantArt, available on Archive of our Own. A buisness dinner took place at the Castle,with all the guests of the Emperess and the royal family. While doing the service,Aradia noticed that all the family was here,even the Makaras and Dualscar,Meenah's father,with his young sons Cronus and Eridan. All the family. Except one member. Pardon,two. Gamzee was missing too. Nobody has seen him after Sollux. Aradia asked herself what this stupid juggalo was doing again. As usual,she took two food plates and went to Karkat's room. She always eated with him,so he doesn'


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Hivebody and Anthiller - Druidic Lessons

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The Daughter of the Sands - Rana's Wardrobe

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Threads of Fate - What is Love?

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HS - Adoptable Trolls 3 ADOPTED OUT


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