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Walking on Moonlit Paths - Parting Embrace

"And very gently, she hugged him. It took Athanaos a moment to get it, and return the embrace tightly.

She squeaked just a little under his strong grip, but very soon leaned into it, her face in his thick hair. He allowed his hand to rub her shoulders, soothingly, and his eyes to close as to better enjoy that moment of intimacy and trust a last time before his departure. Out of everything he's known here, this feeling of happiness, of comfort was maybe what he would miss the most. He didn't want to let go, not now, not ever, for he was afraid that if he did, he would never get to feel it again. He was confident, but Killa's doubts had made their way into his mind, and now he was getting thoughtful and worried as well.

What if something does go wrong, indeed? What if he never sees her again, through some ironic twist of fate?

No. He mustn't let himself be ridden with such thoughts. Everything would go well. It would be a safe trip, and he would return in good health and time. He would see her again. Nothing would happen. He must not let himself doubt his own resolve and confidence."

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