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The Condor's Last Flight - Taking Off


She didn't know what to do. She sat up, still scared, staring at the snake gear shift with no idea of how to go about this. Caught like a deer in the headlights, met with unknown voices, there wouldn't be many ways for this situation to go.

Outside, a crane had gotten a hold of the great golden bird, and the whole thing started to shake as it was being lifted up. If she didn't act quickly, they'd be caught and all would be over; so she let panic take a hold of her, and grabbed the snake with both hands.

“Perfect. Now hold still, I need you to focus!”

“Focus on what?”

She looked into the ruby eyes of the snake, as if it were the one talking to her. That was as good of a focal point as anything else. The bird shook again, its entire surface trembling, but this time there was something else to it. A whirr, a mechanical noise. A vibration that shook the dirt and sand off the gold, revealing more and more of its shine. [...]

Tina started to cry, unable to control herself, and Leon was curled up on his seat without he could move. Panic was taking over, digging its claws into them as unknown things were happening all around.

The noise got louder, the whirring omnipresent around them. The light receded, and the dashboard lit up in a flurry of colors. Something clicked in there, and the snake became much less stiff, as if child safety has been taken off. Tina didn't know what she was doing, she's long renounced on knowing; she wasn't in control anymore. All she wanted now was to get out of here, and she'd do it no matter what.

The sequel to His Winged Machine: read it here.

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