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Seeds the Wanderer - Blackout

"And on that day, for the first time, the Wanderer screamed in pain.

It should have been impossible, for not now nor ever did he possess the ability to scream. Never had any word, noise or any sound escaped his lips. But on that day, on that day where everything stopped, he screamed as loud as he ever would, as if all the pain of the past twenty years had finally caught up to him. On that day he lost her, he screamed the sky apart and the forest ablaze with rain, for never his sadness and pain would ever be toppled. On that day, in that moment, when the everlasting link between the two of them finally gave out along with her, he screamed out the pain of losing she who had been a familiar, a friend, the other half of his soul. He screamed until his voice broke, as soon as it had awakened, and then it was fully over. There was nothing left, nothing but the pouring rain and the desolation of knowing that where she had been just moments ago, now stood nothing."

Is it inspired by this Muse song? Maybe.......i mean the tones do match, hmm
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