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Neverend Circus - Performers 5

(It's been a while.)

Surrey (Kate Surrey, 21) is one of the dancers. Soft-spoken, a bit shy, light on her feet and silent-toed, she'd have made a fine acrobat were she not afraid of heights. She needs a bit of help breaking out of her shell, but when she manages to speak up, she doesn't let go.

Blooming (Fiona Verde, 34) is one of the dancers. She's that quirky wine aunt who knows more than you, has tons of stories about people to share at evenings, and answers all your worries with a "oh, honey" and a well-placed smirk. But at the end of the day, all she wants to do is leave for a smoke and maybe not come back.

Charis (???, 23) is one of the dancers. They're...a bit aloof, to say the least. They don't easily mingle with others, but when they do, it's never without some intent in mind. They're not mean, just a little creepy at times, but the smiling kind of creepy that leaves you unsettled and unsure. Smells like raw meat.
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