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Lost in Blue - White-Cloak Wedding

"We got married by a beautiful summer day.

Two years after we had come to the island, we've finally decided to make that step and jump into the unknown. We've given this a lot of time and thought, and there was no going back on our feelings. This time, it was real, and I was watching it all take part.

My hands were nervously clenching the carved wooden staff, his wedding gift to me, as I walked down the improvised aisle to join him. There was no one watching us, no witnesses other than Polly and Becky pecking around, but I still felt so nervous. This was my big day, after all! What kind of bride doesn't get stressed on such an occasion? But eventually, I did it, for I knew I could do it. He taught me I could, and I would never forget that lesson.

His hands found mine, and I never forgot just how it felt when they touched. His leather gloves, my own wedding gift to him, were surprisingly soft, and his touch reassured me. Solid, lasting, reliable. One I would never forget, one that I had inscribed deeply into my soul. One that I wanted to feel embrace me forever, and never let go ever again. He smiled, and I smiled too, for it would be alright. Of course it would be alright.

We were not particularly religious, or even knew how weddings were supposed to be. But that meant we could choose, and that was the greatest part. Slowly, I lowered the hood of his cape like a bridal veil, and he did the same to me. I'm sure we looked like little idiots, but I couldn't care less. He was my little idiot, and I'd never have it any other way."

Read "The Color of Home" here:…

hngngngngh they make me feel.......emotions.

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