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Lost in Blue - Message in a Bottle

"And together, we walked to the beach. It was already dark, and the tide was low; but the current was strong, and would carry our message to its destination. I've heard stories of messages in bottles that were only recovered a century after they'd been cast off, in which case our letter would be useless and forgotten. I think we both knew that this would never succeed; and yet, we still did it. For at least, we could say that we tried, and that maybe the world would know about our whereabouts. A last call of triumph, a claim over life itself: “We're here. We survived.”

He wrapped my hands around the bottle. Without knowing why, I kissed the glass for good luck.

“Please receive our message, Mr and Mr Woodrow. Please know that your son is safe, and that I will take great care of him.”

He chuckled.

“I thought you wouldn't get sentimental?”

“I never said that. You made me sentimental about your family, so now deal with it.”

I handed the bottle back to him, and after a moment, he kissed the glass as well, whispering a prayer of good luck. He held my hand tight, stepped forward, and with his other arm chucked the bottle as far as he could. I heard it splash in the water, quite a distance away, where the sea would pick it off and do the rest.

“Now it's up to the tide. And the gods of the sea.”

“I might build a shrine to Poseidon just for that one.”

We stayed there for a moment, enjoying the softness of the night, as he watched the bottle drift away into the horizon until it disappeared. Carrying our hopes and our dreams in a tiny glass bubble, forever rocked by the waves until the end of times."

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