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Feathers of Time - Wesley's Dimension

After ascending to godhood, one of the first things Wesley did was to claim a small pocket dimension as his own and settle there. He shaped it to suit his needs and aesthetics.

-The sky is permanently showing a starry night. There's sunrises and sunsets, but proper daytime does not last more than an hour or two. 
-The air is warm, with occasional cool breezes. Temperatures are those of an average summer night. There are no seasons, nor is there any weather changes.
-The grass has a fluffy, fur-like texture and is very pleasant to the touch. The soil has a clay-like consistency in some areas, and that of kinetic sand in others. The water is clear and follows Ghibli physics.
-The trees all appear to be one species, with leaves like stained glass and flowers like cherry blossoms. They're not known to bear fruits.
-There are paved roads made of smooth, glowing stone spread all throughout the realm. They spread outward from Wesley's residence in a web pattern.

Wesley's residence is a crystal castle with labyrinthic halls and rooms, that can only be entered or exited if he wishes so, and is a safe rempart against any kind of attack. It's a luxurious and welcoming place where he can keep all of his stuff, study magic and entertain his few guests. 

Since this dimension is fairly new, it is not inhabited yet save for a few creatures Wesley made in his spare time. He does not intend to populate it, preferring to stay alone with the exception of his "company".
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