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Moominpappa's nightmare

More comics and macabre stuff >:) !

If you know who moominpappa is, then you probably know that he doesn't want to grow old. In one episode of the anime series he even stops sleeping at night and exercises hard to keep himself in shape. Maybe he sees nightmares about getting older and weaker. Or otherwise this is just suggestive....

Here's a scary episode for you who liked this deviation or haven't heard of moomins before:

edit: It is ESSENTIAL that you watch this deviation with THIS music: [link]
It's from moomins from the scene where moominpappa is young and runs in the forest escaping all kinds of forest horror, so it fits this pic perfectly.

Moominpappa © Tove Jansson
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Kharmald27's avatar
What is that thing? 😱
Finndragon92's avatar
Fucking Hell, what a nightmare!
atlantart's avatar
Wow, eerie and scary. I like Moominpappa too and I like this twist on his personality. Which episode is the one you're referring to, the one where he exercises hard?
carmine-voleme's avatar
thanky thanky : ) I think it was ep. 53, "Moominpappa's other youth"
StephenP20's avatar
ERB20's avatar
Lovely! I love the Moomins!
carmine-voleme's avatar
thanks... Moomins are so awesome, I wish they'd really exist : (
ERB20's avatar
You're welcome :) Yeah Moomins are awesome, I want a Moomin :D
Kiwikku's avatar
Wow, this is amazing!
Love it! :D
unka's avatar
he doesn`t look like his getting older. he`s rather getting dissolved/digested alive. fuck that`s scary
MrGreatape's avatar
Mun hymiö/avani uhkaa sun johtoasemaa Moominpappa haussa!
carmine-voleme's avatar
hohah näköjää : D saa nähä ohitatko mut joku päivä
massikka's avatar
siisti.. onko tää miten duunattu? guasseilla?
hienoa jälkeä kyllä
carmine-voleme's avatar
kiitos! :) ei oo kun ihan koneella tehty, tai olin käsin tussannu ääriviivat ja sit väritin koneella
peltipurkki's avatar
ahahaha tää on paras ! muumien kattominen ei enä suju repeemättä tälle : D
ladyofthecanyon's avatar
Thank you SO much for posting this! Very few people have actually read or even heard of these books, and it pleases me to see that Tove Jansson's genius is appreciated here! Your work is BEAUTIFUL, and this piece is dark, but not so dark that it overshadows the feel of it. Excellent work!
carmine-voleme's avatar
thanks, and no problem! I think the anime series is also pretty good even though it doesn't have completely same themes than comics and books. But anyways, it's all in honour of Tove.
MrGreatape's avatar
Aika vitun komee!!! Hitto kun en itte omista skanneria niin en voi laittaa omiano tänne...
carmine-voleme's avatar
Osho-Zena's avatar
awesome, great work ;P
Lappalaa's avatar

aahhhhhh tuo jakso, muistoja, muistoja! ahihuhuhuh

"voisin olla vaikka veljesi" : )))))))))))))))))))))
NakoTako's avatar
I loved this show~<33 (still, I want to see the last episode haha;; )

the comics is great! *v* love the texture.
muura's avatar
You use so much effort in your comics and they turn out GORGEOUS, I see great things in your future *_* j'et aime <3 looking forward for more, this is so sinister without being childish as moomin-parodies usually turn out to be, i loves it <3
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