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Lunamaria Estel
Artist | Professional | Digital Art

Hi! I'm Lunamaria Estel. I'm an artist who also develops RPG games. I cosplay & create other crafts occasionally.

Don't alter or republish my work, please reblog from my social media instead, thanks:

TUMBLR ----> art-of-lunamaria-estel.tumblr.…
PIXIV ------->…



EDIT: I printed a few extra copies, so people who missed the chance to reserve at pre-orders can still get one! Only 17 books left and a couple badges and keychains though, first come first served!


We've finished this project and all pre-ordered goods were shipped this week. We did better than I was expecting, so thanks thanks and thanks to everyone who shared the info about the preorders, who bought our fanbook, and specially thanks to everyone who collaborated with their illustrations and patiently and compassionately dealt with me and my personal problems and all the bad luck we had with the printers and everything else that delayed this project so much. I really am thankful.

Flowing Stars started as a project to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the saga, although after some problems and a long hiatus, it's now the 21st anniversary instead!
Please read all the info if you are interested! (P.D.: the promo pictures incorrectly say "21th anniv." but we corrected it for "21st anniv" in the final book!)

If you wish to help us promote this project, here you have posts to share on
Tumblr Twitter


I'm CarmenMCS (aka Lunamaria Estel)

I'm one of the participating artists and the admin in charge.
 You can talk to me on Tumblr / Twitter too, but please contact me about the book through my e-mail if possible!

Over 40 artists from 15 different countries joined forces to bring you more than 70 illustrations in this book! The benefits will go to sending the book for free to as many of the participants as possible (we already agreed on which artists will have priority and why).


- You need paypal to make the transaction -unless you have a bank account in Spain-. 

 You will have to agree to tell me your full REAL name and full address (with CP and country).

- Choose the items you want (Go to the last section "SPECIAL PACKS" for more details).

- Don't forget to check the "PRICE OF SHIPPING" section: you can choose 
standard or certified mail.

- E-mail me with the details and any questions you have (please find my e-mail in the pictures, I do this to avoid spam from bots and the likes)

- In the "shipping price" I already include paypal fees, cost of bubble wrapped envelope and all those little extra expenses.

- The prices listed here are only for packages weighting between 100gr-500gr. Shipping cost of anything within that range is always the same, and the package can contain in total: 1 copy of the book (around 230gr), a couple of keychains (25-35gr each) and some badges (5gr each). For bigger packages, discuss it with me (e-mail is in the images)

*** SHIPPING TO EUROPE (Zone 1 except Spain) ***

- Standard mail 8.30 € + price of the book/pack

- Certified mail 11.15 € + price of the book/pack


- Standard mail 11.85 € + price of the book/pack

- Certified mail 14,70 € + price of the book/pack

*** SHIPPING WITHIN SPAIN (+ Canarias + Andorra) ***

- Standard mail 4.10 € (if you pay with paypal) + price of the book/pack

- Certified mail 6.60 € (if you pay with paypal) + price of the book/pack

* If you're attending Japan Weekend of Barcelona, Suikoden Day in Barcelona, etc. you can get the book at the con, so you don't need to pay the shipping or other fees!

I'm also selling keychains and badges in a pack with the book. I felt really bad about the expensive shipping cost, so I at least wanted to offer you the possibility of "filling up" that 500gr package with some of my fanmade merchandise (
the book itself is only around 230gr)

- 1 Book + 1 Keychain + 2 Badges = 13€ + SHIPPING 

- Only book = 6€ + SHIPPING

- Only 1 Keychain = 6€ + SHIPPING

- 6 Badges = 5€ + SHIPPING

*** If you only order keychains and/or badges without book, the price for 0-50gr and 50-100gr packages range from 2.57€ to 7.95€ depending on country,  total weight and if you prefer ordinary or certified mail.





CarmenMCS has started a donation pool!
1,110 / 4,000
I am back and I need a premium membership! XD And I am very poor right now to spend in this kind of stuff, so if you want to donate, here you can! Thanks in advance ^^

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ezio6779 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2018  Student Artist
can i download your sprites?
i will use it to my game & i will credit it to you :)
Virtuexecutor Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017
Excuse me, sir?
Glaurung-II Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Estooooo... hola!
CarmenMCS Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Holaaa cuánto tiempo :D qué tales y eso?
Glaurung-II Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Pues casi como lo dejé hace años, al menos en cuestión de trabajo ˆˆ; Aunque he usado el tiempo para aprender a dibujar y pintar con un profesional, así que creo que he mejorado en algo :XD:

He visto en tus diarios que has estado mal con la mano. ¿Cómo sigues?
CarmenMCS Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Pues sigo igual con la malo e igual de sin trabajo X_D 

Bueno, un pooooco mejor con la mano porque ya no tengo clases desde hace varios años, y dibujando un poco mejor espero, yo al igual me he dedicado a eso mientras, qué se le va a hacer ja ja he estado poniendo stand en el Salón del Manga y la Japan weekend de Barcelona estos años, pero a parte de eso y alguna sustitución en alguna guardería que quieran gente que hable inglés, meh.
DecayingDev Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I never knew you were into persona! I have the gif with "by CarmenMCS" on the top left as my desktop atm and found that gif when googling for persona shipping lmao.
I recently played P4 and am in love with it. I tried playing P3 but I don't really like it cause it stresses me out lmao.
CarmenMCS Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Ha ha ha! This stuff happens XD I played P4 first but I actually liked P3 a lot more, but I understand completely the "it's stressing" feeling. Maybe the portable version will work better for you (you can also choose to be the female protagonist in that one) since it has many improvements (stating from allowing you to directly command your party members)

Try P5 if you can you will probably love it too!

I currently changed my username in all the other sites though (not on DA because it appears I need to be premium for that XP) so you might still see some of my stuff signed as CarmenMCS or as Lunamaria haha
DecayingDev Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I actually played p5 the other week and I like it a lot. P4 still has a place in my heart though lmao. I just wish the Persona series didn't hamfist the same tropes onto you each time. Like I am a guy who doesn't like women the way the protagonists do, like I don't really care for going out and trying to flirt with 40 women because... I'm not in high school and desperate for a "girl"? 
I would like the series a whole lot better if they didn't half-ass their morals lmao.
I will keep the username Lunamaria in mind then!
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