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making pancaek

nommy pancakes. Im making another one, really.

It now has a sequel. Yay part 2!

Click here.
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Just to let you know, this emote was chosen as the Daily Emote for EmoteADay on January 7, 2014, and featured here!… :dummy:
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Make it as plz please :please:
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Yo me gusta! But I liek waffles better. Does that make me evil?
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yes . :B

I like waffles too, but pancaeks rock my world better :D
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yea i agree...i like waffles more=D.....
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It's so cute and tasty looking :chew: I must :+fav: :D
CarmelaTheGreat's avatar
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My pleasure :chew:
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Looks like me if I turn my pancakes :slow:

I love that smiley :clap:
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He has chubby cheeks! :iconohjoyplz:
CarmelaTheGreat's avatar
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So I can has pinches them?
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it looks just like he enjoys flipping pancakes... and never eating them. Flipping pancakes for an eternity...
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That's what makes em tasty and fluffy. :lol:
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That is some sweet nommy pancake skillz. :nod:
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Yep, nommy nom nom. Thanks for commenting :D
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Ohhh look at dat little chef. He is a cute little guy.

Nice one! :D
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Thank you! Ah, the chef you say? I wouldn't say the same, after I make the sequel. :D
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omg! I love the fluid flipety-floppety of the pancake! :iconwantplz:
Makes me sooo hungry just looking at it :D
CarmelaTheGreat's avatar
:XD: that's a really great plz account. I really can't do that floppy thinggy in real life... curse gravity. Anyway, thanks for faving! :D
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I can't believe how you're too popular. I envy your emoticon-making-skills. I'll raep you when we get to school! >:3
CarmelaTheGreat's avatar
:XD: I don't like being raeped..
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