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It snows 9 months out of the year...


"What a cute little nose to nip at."
Howdy folks, meet my new otp! I'm a terrible person.

also on tumblr:[link]


i feel the need to explain myself, so:

1.) It's actually kind of canon
To quote Hiccup (and my deviation title, lol):
"This is Berk. It snows 9 months of the year, and hails the other three."
2.) Jack Frost originated from Viking lore.

They called this winter spirit responsible for harsh winters "Jokul Frosti" which means "icicle frost" or "frosty ice" - with that in mind, ROTG's timeline is a little poopy but I'll live.
3.) Big Burly Bearded Father-like Figures.
North for Jack, and Stoick for Hiccup - they both must impress/prove themselves to them. I feel like they'd bond over that.
4.) Being the outcast.

My personal headcanon? Hiccup was the first person ever who could see Jack Frost after his transformation. And Jack Frost kinda sorta fell in love. And Hiccup kinda sorta fell in love right back. yep.
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Okay. This... This is beautiful. And I'm not just talking about the picture. I really love how you managed to put it in words like that. :D Ever tried writing?
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9 months

9 months

9 months
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works and jack could stay nearly all the time
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haha, I like Hiccup's face in this XD
and I'd really try and put the same emoticon thingie as Midnight4568 but I'm not too sure copy & paste would work (or be appreciated, since I have no clue how to get my own).
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Just one more pairing to add to my ever growing list.
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Omg i like this. way to go! my new favorite OTP
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.. OTP OMG ;v; sooooo wonderfull!
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Beautiful artwork of two of our favorite CGI boys together!
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asgjkqhsjqhd so beautiful *o*
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You and your pure awesomeness for the ship and the pic and the logic and my feels. Glub...The picture and quote are so inspiring my muses right now, I can't even (...)
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*nose bleed* the feels.............................:iconexplodeplz:
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yes just yes XD i have a twisted mind with these two, nothing past base 1 though!!!!!
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I didn't like this shipping... until I saw this picture. REALLY cute. So then I read some fic. Now I'm hooked!
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OMG I didn't want but... I'm starting to ship this. Really. And your explanation... Just matches. I'm done for. xD
So cute!
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This ship. It just makes so much sense. :iconishipitsohardplz:

And like, I've become completely smitten with this couple, even before I went and saw RotG, like a lot of HiJackers.

So yeah, this is awesome, and you're an awesome person. Really man. You're freaking great X3
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Aww thank you so much! I did become infatuated with this pairing before seeing RotG myself, there's a fun fact. I love this couple to bits pff
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You're welcome :3
Its just so wonderful that one can't help but fall in love with it :heart:
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