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Welcome to my kitchen

My kitchen is really small, the Sigma ultra wide-angle zoom lens is a liaer.
This lens is reeeeally wide and so much fun! I have been using this lens for several months now and and it still makes me dizzy every time at 10mm

HDR "developed" from 5 RAW shots // Camera: Canon 350D // Sigma 10-20 mm
Focal Length: 10.0mm // Exposure Time: 0.5 - 4 sek // Aperture: f/8 // ISO: 100
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I love your kitchen. Thanks for sharing.
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Its so it
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Haha, welcome to my kitchen:
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lovely kitchen :)
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Yesss... this is a cosy kitchen! I like it! ;)
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Wow Nice kitchen :) im Lovet
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absolutely amazing. small, yet inviting...i still wanna live like this.
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I like your kitchen..
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You want to really scare the britches off you, try driving and looking thru the 10mm... bet you don't beat my record of 1.23secs! My Sigma is getting pulled apart in Japan as we speak.. failed to autofocus at 10mm while in warrentee.... I miss heem!
Hey whats that TV show showing on the microwave!:?
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David...I shall try to beat your (Sigma 10-20) record with a tour in the new roller coaster we have got here in Stockholm.

Today TV show on the microwave: Elvis Presley - comeback -68
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Lol.. good luck..I think I saw Presley the other day... he's aged!
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What program do you use to compose HDR?
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In this image I used Dynamic Photo HDR.
I have just started to work in it, but I also work in Photamatix.
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tnx, I love it ;-)
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härligt! visst är det kul med HDR! måste skaffa mig en sån där 10-20 eller 10-22 bara :/. 18mm blir så tråkigt på en 400D :(
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Tack, tack...
...och Sigman är skitkul att jobba med och kanonskarp när man bländar ner ett par steg till f8-11.
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ok, ska förbi hong kong airport nästa vecka. har två timmar på mig och hoppas verkligen jag kommer däriifrån med ett vidvinkel.
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Lyckliga dig!
Sigma optiken är inte så mycket billigare där... Canon...där kan man göra klipp!!!!

Lycka till!
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beautiful result!
very sharp!
great lighting & colors
also lovely kitchen :)

may I ask which software you used to marge the HDR ?
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Thank you!
In this pic a use Dynamic Photo HDR: [link]
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hehe..everythigns so clean and D:D
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Very nice atmosphere :)
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