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The Ultimate Warrior

By CarlPearce
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...a.k.a. Warrior, Blade Runner Rock, Dingo Warrior, Jim "Justice" Hellwig or James Brian Hellwig. A big, mulleted, shiney, oiled-up, orange walnut of a man in rather ridiculous... 'attire'. 

I may not have been a fan of WWF wrestling as a kid, but many of my friends were. And so, by proxy, he and his chums were very much a part of my childhood.

Hearing about the poor bloke's untimely death a few days ago really made me have flashbacks to the early 90's.

All the best, old mate.
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oh wow, this brings back memories. Thanks for that! danna dahna dahna duhhh duhhhhh deerrrrhh dunna dunna dunna deh deh deh duhnaa duhna! ROAR! hehe!
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No idea what the last part referred to, ha ha, but yeah... early 90's, eh? What a time. Cheers, mate.
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I was just referring to the Ultimate Warrior's crazy speeches he made back then. Couldn't understand a word that was coming out of his mouth. Haha!
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This is grand!
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Epic (and totally 90s!)