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America Chavez: Made in the USA New outfit

Character  America Chavez

"America Chavez: Made in the USA" final outfit design 

(High Res file available)

Please NO HATE comments, this is a safe space for art lovers.  This is only art, there is plenty of  really important  and serious stuff  going on to rant about.

This only represent the new outfit she'll be wearing in the new series. I did this for the fans  it's not an official Marvel promotion, so don't consider this the tone of the series. Look at it as fanart.
😄I went the fun route with this turn around. 😄

Written by the amazing @kalindrome
June 2020

Any contact via Instagram 
CarlosGomezArtist… or email

Stay at home and be safe!

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Now THAT is America's Ass.

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If this design is in the comic, I'm gonna buy this thing. Good call back to her original design.

blazergod's avatar

America thickness Chavez 👌👌

collecktor10's avatar

Beautiful work! Finally a woman with a voluptuous body.

JianRen's avatar

you art is going around on youtube videos talking about the downfall of this character by Marvel. I think you drew her pretty well and sexy, but maybe too thick for me.

I think we should just draw how we want, because only the those who like our "sexy" stuff wont over think. It's just fanart/drawing, not politics, until mentioned otherwise.

nork's avatar
I like the design honestly. So keep up the good work!
JustPlayingWDolls's avatar
The writing for her previous series was so cringe! I couldn't get through it. But this is a positive sign for the art at least! She looks great here!
Roflly's avatar

what a waste to put a sexy artist like you on a shitty sjw character like her, no wonder comic industry is dying with identity politic obsessed idiots at charge on both marvel and dc.

I like your art shame that MJ only once was drawn with cleavage in the mini comic.

like heck, not even a bikini model like mj is allowed to show of any skin more, again feminist and sjw idiots who make decisions like that are the reason why nobody buys comics anymore.

sex appeal is a big reason why comics became popular in the first place but now only males get sexually exploited while women are always drawn ugly and fully covered up.

really no shocker that sales are at an all time low as a result.

Colorzoo's avatar
Great art, the SJW are a little sensitive but I love the design!
Daelencc's avatar
A little?
I’d personally say a lot.
ggMattB's avatar

Love the shoe detail!

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CrazyCowProductions's avatar
I too had heard of design ahead of time. Personally I like it, she always struck me as a casual wear style hero.  Kinda pictured her with blue jeans and sneakers but shorts work just as well to show off Athletic potential. 

If I remember lessons correctly, it is fairly common feature for athletic characters in general (shorts & Blue jeans styles)

really can't picture her enjoying slacks or dressing up
AzakiShimo's avatar
That’s wonderful!
GhostShell5's avatar
Excellent work. I like it.
MikeKArt's avatar
vypadá fakt dobře, tahle verze se fakt povedlo, moc se líbí ;-)
Margenal's avatar
Let's be honnest, the so called "backlash" was from only less than a hunbdred of fan and twittos, but as usual the outrage milkign sites made a real show of it.

Personally, the look is cool, i understant the trope of the skin tight short but it's a good design so far :)
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Two thumbs up. Excellent render.
122476's avatar
Muy chingon!!!
BorMed's avatar
this is the stuff that brings the bucks in the pocket.
great desing Carlos ! i bet the readers will be pleased.
Shawntheimmortal942's avatar
This is what’s getting all the hate? THIS? She looks amazing! We may not agree about most things but I just want to say that you did a fantastic job drawing America Chavez and don’t let anyone try to shame you for daring to make her sexy. There’s nothing wrong with a character being BOTH sexy and strong, if people have no problem with spider-man wearing spandex that shows off his muscles and ass then they shouldn’t have any problem seeing America Chavez’s Thicc ass. 
MetalGearPlasma's avatar
It's sad that it wasn't enough for the SJWs to change America Chavez into a lesbian, now they don't even want her to be sexy either.

It's never enough for SJWs.
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