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Windows 7 Window PSD

Another PSD,that shows you how to make a complete and perfect Windows 7 Active Window.Enjoy
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Hey man! So me and some other people are making a kit for doing Windows custom desktops. Could we include this in our kit? It'll be very handy!
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That's Vista... or 7's beta style, Win7 is different... but good job!
Hi, hope it is OK, created a banner based on your graphics for my Windows 8 Consumer Choice petition. I included a link back to this page on my blog to give you full credit.

It looks like Microsoft completely removed the Start Menu from Windows. Go to [link] to petition them to bring back the Start Menu or even just give us a choice. Go to [link] for more information.
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woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo thank you so much
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Must be very helpful for the artists.
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Thanks man, this is awesome.
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Excellent! I followed a link here from [link]
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it cant be run for windows xp?
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I dislike windz but I like very much this :-)
Thank you for sharing
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Great work. Keep it up.
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Thank you,Very nice job
I used it here [link]
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I would use this one too... *shy*
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