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Alliances Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2018!!!!!!

I can't believe it! Carlos made a video!!! After aaaalllllll those long year of knowing you and following you (we should be close to ours 10 years anniversary btw!), i'm hearing you for the first time!!!! This is....incredible!!!

Your voice is so......COOL!!!! That accent is super badass and riveting. I'm so digging it. Totaly not what i expected from someone named Carlos G. ^_-
(Curse you society stereotype!!!)

I didn't know you were doing Q & A. Damn, where were you asking for question. I totaly missed that. I would have sent probably a tons of them to you. (Well, maybe not a tons. ^_^)

Hearing you like that and the reply of those question, i learned soooo much about you, your train of though, what you plan to do and tons of things about My pet succubus. I loved it!!! Thank you Carlos.

P.S: Damn it Carlos, i would have picked "Tits". But now because of you, i imagine now two huge golf car sized round mound of flesh just sitting there alone in the room, talking...and trying to do things (but can't do really anything by themselves.) and it's...just...creepy!!!! >_< 
ericlong174 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2018
This was an interesting video, thank you for making it. I also enjoyed watching you color Giselle. Thanks for sharing this...  :)
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August 19, 2018


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