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SCP Dating Game

By Carlos-the-G
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For all those who like those Japanese dating games and getting the shit scared out of them.
SCP 173 is so kawaii!

All done with Manga Studio 5.
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Do I know that song? It's Not Like I Like You lol!
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Please notice me 173 Senpai ! D:
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holy fuck are you going to make dat game cuz ill totally play itChopper awww 
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I do not know how... I do not know why.
But this is incredibly awesome.
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WANT IT. The really hard to kill lizard thing as some tsundere queen or something.
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682? I just see it acting tsundere then violently murdering the person who is talking to them.
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There's more terrifying than a tsundere SCP 682.......

.... yandere SCP 682
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Well, now that's a pretty unexpected turn of events...
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Scp 173 Is a Reverse Slenderman.
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Well, after all Slenderman is based on another SCP object (I don't remember the number, but it's called "Blue Key"), so both Slenderman and Containment Breach has a pretty similar atmosphere.
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more or less. One of my Fav SCPs is SCP 127  XD
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First and only date, amirite?
Lord-Lavrahtheen's avatar
wow, now that's a combo :O I'd totally play that game :rofl:
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SCP 173 needs to find a nice weeping angel and settle down somewhere.
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lol You Sir, Have won the game with that Comment Right there!
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