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My Pet Succubus 188 by Carlos-the-G My Pet Succubus 188 by Carlos-the-G
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KidVenom Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2018
You're way too hard on yourself, my guy. Your stuff is good and funny and I hope you keep going with your art.
compass-uk Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Great to see another instalment of Giselle rolling out.
Always the highlight when it arrives.

To be sure, one of the appeals to a comic is the style of the art, and I have enjoyed reading and appreciating the art style since Lowroad was ongoing story.
Like others, I am glad to see you are still able to entertain us with your brand of wit and art. And I am hoping to see more of Giselle's adventures, and I am still keen to see Giselle's Mum make an official appearance; she looks so interesting.
goldenavatar Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2018
You should've had a panel with a Chinese business man chuckling saying, "stupid round eye, buy politicians then make demands of them."

Funny thing is, all the attempts to stop piracy in the states have only helped encourage more of it and its too expensive to legally pursue any individual pirate. Hence the old saying that all publicity is good publicity. The best things the companies could've done is just not mention the piracy while trying to find reasonable ways to reduce the production and retail costs of their products.

The thing to remember is that piracy is deeply entrenched in Anglo-sphere culture, from our history to our very language. If you make goods and services too expensive to acquire by reasonable means, we're all quite happy to simply take it and digital piracy doesn't physically damage people or property, so no moral dilemma. Then you've got the English language itself. It can assimilate foreign vocabulary to expand itself with ease. It's like the guy in the darkened alleyway ready to rob someone and every other language are Bruce Wayne's parents about to get whacked. The French would be Bruce Wayne.

Hmm.. I ramble...
Scurge42 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2018
1. love the ambulance at the end.
2. i'm glad you still make this comic. it always brightens my day. :)
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