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He brought back ours favorite demi "perverted" god from Lowroad75. Doom Piggy is back!!!

What is this...2003-2004 !?!?!?!!!!!!

Oh boy Giselle, you thought you were the mischieving character of this series. And Cyberlord was the bonker just don't know what "Eviiiiiil" you just unleshed upon this world on this day Giselle.

No wonder Natasha had this kind of reaction.

All joke aside Carlos, you don't know happy i am to see him back. I sincerely that you'll maybe be able to find him a permanent "spot" in your story. Even if it lead to maybe the departure of cyberlord. I have so much fond memory of that piggy.

I'm also super quite curious at how Doom Piggy will react to seeing Natasha all grown up into a tall and very womanly sexy silhouette with a very very extremely even more larger and bustier chest than she ever had when she was a teenager. The sheer size of her boobs might even have become way bigger than all the hope and dream he ever had about her. ^_^

Also Carlos, just for that second panel, you deserve and should be awarded an oscars....nobel....anything!!! This is the greatest inside joke and reference you have ever made to this day!!!

lezisell's avatar

OK. Admit it, you have added this skull from the beginning just for this joke, do you?

RF-Switch's avatar

IS background Skull their patron now?

scrapdragon34's avatar

heh, really loved Giselle going "By the power of the background skull!" Is this a shout-out to the upcoming Masters of the Universe series?

Carlos-the-G's avatar

Nah, to the old one.

scrapdragon34's avatar

Still works. Nice shout out still

Carlos-the-G's avatar

I was kind of a happy coincidence XD

At least I know more people will get the reference!

digitalspiritx's avatar

Looks like through some loophole, Doom Piggy was re'ass'igned to a new witch. Let's see how long it lasts.

SpecialBeamCanoneer's avatar

eh, I'd say he was a keeper.

compass-uk's avatar

Bonzer! Doom Piggy has returned!

Sock antics to prevail…

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