Who here is using Eclipse?
330 votes
I am, I really like it!
I'm not, still with the old version.

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I'm waiting for them to add the ability to remove art from your notifications when looking at it (rather than only being able to remove it on the notifications page, which means that after looking at it you gotta go back out of the detail page and then find it among all the other deviations before you can remove it). It's just one button in the old version, but its absense really sabotages the flow of browsing through new deviations in your inbox. In my opinion.

Once they've added that I think I'll enjoy using it though
Is Eclipse a software or drawing program? The only thing I found was eclipse.org for developers.
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I am just too lazy to use anything in beta, once it is completed I won't care about it being released to everyone. I think eclipse looks good.
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Eclipse looks nicer, but the original is easier to navigate and is more convenient (It's easier on my potato internet too). I'm a practical person, so I prefer the original for now.
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It is a sleeker look per say and I do enjoy it, but the loading of everything for me is really terrible and I feel it takes away from artist(s) work, an seems harder to delve in an view others works.
I switched back to the old :(
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I like Eclipse fine but it doesn't let me journal for some reason :(  I -want- to like it
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I use it, cant say I completely like it, it seem to be missing a lot of feathers yet, and lacks a lot of info (like cant see who posted something in a group, or/and no image info)

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I feel like it lacks from a lot of things, I mean look at the groups in eclipse.. still with the old design. This eclipse update is going too slow. and I also hate the low res head cover. :(
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What dose it mean head cover? sorry not familer with that term
Ya, I just hope that when its done it will add more info to stuff then take stuff away, even that I do hope they at least give the groups and stuff some color theme of eclipes even if they update it later, so it will look some what the like
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may be banner is the real term? I really dont know sorry :( 
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Its likely fine, I am not native in English its more then possible I just never fell on that term

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I am using Eclipse because it's prettier than the old version, but it is not as convenient as the old version, unfortunately

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I alternate. I think both are fine.

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jerry mouse scream intensifies icon 

          HELL No.

No to DeviatArt Eclipse emoticon No to DeviatArt Eclipse emoticon No to DeviatArt Eclipse emoticon No to DeviatArt Eclipse emoticon 

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Still with the old version.....
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How can I switch to eclipse?
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