I officially moved to Eclipse, I kinda like it now! and you?
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No, I still don't like it.

Yes, it has improved and it looks pretty.

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It's still a chore to browse through new deviations in eclypse. I won't use it untill you can easily remove deviantions from your inbox from the deviation view, just like in the old version.

That's all. That's the one thing that needs to change. It looks fine but it's a pain to use.
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I like it! I'll be keeping it on from now on. I think a lot of the complaints are people just not liking change and not wanting to re-learning things.

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The overall design is ok, just needs some getting used to... The graphics are a let down, this site promotes visual arts (and other kinds, yes), yet all images appear in low res! Thumbnails got it worse... which is the first thing you see opening the pages :disbelief:

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I'm a bit lost on it ... i like it only because its black LOL

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ehhh I don't like it, I feel like it's trying to be an Artstation clone?
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It is kinda similar on color and design, but a lot of different at the same time, there are so much more to do on DA.

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I guess I just don't feel safe on dA because they're always changing things and there are no constants anymore :(.  I don't want to get attached to anything just to lose it later.  And they took away the whole deviation stack system, which was one of the only reasons I stayed here.  The feed leaves out so much and so much art gets missed and I'll never even know ><.
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I've been using it since it was released. It still has a number of things that need improving, but overall, it's fine.

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Still don't even have access to it xD
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Come on you Eclipse haters, the green theme beats it all! :D

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