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Featured on Advanced Photoshop (issue 134) and Photoshop Creative (issue 129 and 130)

Features by Carlos-Quevedo

These features have a very special meaning because my story with digital art begun with the magazine Arte y Diseño which is kind of the spanish version of Advanced Photoshop. The story begins when I was doing my internship of graphic design back in 2009 and one day during my work I found out the issue 102 of Arte y Diseño on a shelf in the lobby of the agency. I was fascinated on what I saw on that magazine, was the first time I saw the incredible work of Alexander Jansson and Martin Lisec (two of my gods, amen), then I asked my boss if I could keep the magazine (I still have the issue) and he said yes (his worst mistake because some time later I quit the job to start working as a freelance artist moved by what I saw on that magazine :D) and I spent hours that night reading about those artists, their technique, use of Photoshop, projects and  I was so inspired by them and I said: “I want this, I want to be a graphic designer to work like this”. On that time I had some attempts on digital art but nothing was the same after I read about those artists. I did know about this kind of art in that time, about digital artists and designers, and I had some pieces but they were just for fun; Working like them and make a living from it was like something utopic for me then, and I have to recall that when I started studying graphic design it was a very new career on my country we, the students, were always afraid about our job opportunities, creative careers were understimated here and sadly they still are. So that’s why being featured on these magazines is so meaningful for me, it means I’m going in the right way. 


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Congrats!!! :clap::clap::clap:
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Felicitaciones! Muy merecido reconocimiento :clap:
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congratulations on the feature :) ....... may I say that you are my God? :)
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that's really flattering. thank you!
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My heartiest congratulations to you! Heart
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Congratulations, your artworks are just so inspirational and divine!! Keep on the great work!:heart:
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thanks so much Amber :)
SummerDreams-Art's avatar
:aww: You are most welcome!:heart:
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Congratulations on being featured!
You have a talent that catches the eye,and dedication that goes with it.
I definitely wait to see more.
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Congratulations Clap 
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ChristmasTreeWeb by JacqChristiaan always my pleasure, you make great art
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lov your dedication to the arts, I am such a big fan you do not know how much. so proud of you I'll get the mag and find out more of your wonderful techniques, I sell brushes at DAZ3D you might find useful no sales pitch might save you time and some creative accessories. Keep kickin' it!
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Thanks so much! where can I find about your brushes?
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www.daz3d.com/deviney   if you see anything you like I would love for you try them and I'll send you a free copy. please let me do this for you. Thanks for responding, I just bought the magazine you were featured in.
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your brushes are really awesome wow, I will think on them for future works and I'll let you know for sure! thank you.
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I am so inspired by your works it would be my pleasure. Thanks have a great holiday...:D
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