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Featured! (and a short story)

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 18, 2015, 12:19 PM
Featured on Advanced Photoshop (issue 134) and Photoshop Creative (issue 129 and 130)

Features by Carlos-Quevedo

These features have a very special meaning because my story with digital art begun with the magazine Arte y Diseño which is kind of the spanish version of Advanced Photoshop. The story begins when I was doing my internship of graphic design back in 2009 and one day during my work I found out the issue 102 of Arte y Diseño on a shelf in the lobby of the agency. I was fascinated on what I saw on that magazine, was the first time I saw the incredible work of Alexander Jansson and Martin Lisec (two of my gods, amen), then I asked my boss if I could keep the magazine (I still have the issue) and he said yes (his worst mistake because some time later I quit the job to start working as a freelance artist moved by what I saw on that magazine :D) and I spent hours that night reading about those artists, their technique, use of Photoshop, projects and  I was so inspired by them and I said: “I want this, I want to be a graphic designer to work like this”. On that time I had some attempts on digital art but nothing was the same after I read about those artists. I did know about this kind of art in that time, about digital artists and designers, and I had some pieces but they were just for fun; Working like them and make a living from it was like something utopic for me then, and I have to recall that when I started studying graphic design it was a very new career on my country we, the students, were always afraid about our job opportunities, creative careers were understimated here and sadly they still are. So that’s why being featured on these magazines is so meaningful for me, it means I’m going in the right way. 


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A thought on recent terrorism

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 14, 2015, 6:56 AM

It's really awful and regrettable what happened in Paris, an event that clearly shook the world, and right on this point, last night, when I was watching how every news portal, facebook and twitter were filled by the news, I could not help to compare a bit this facts with those occurred a few months ago at the University of Garissa in Kenya, where they were killed more than 140 people, mostly students; It was an event I followed closely where I noticed an incredibly low global coverage,  There weren't global trends on twitter, no #prayforkenya or buildings illuminated with the flag of Kenya. There wasn't mourning. That makes me wonder, Are we so different? Does it have less value the life of all those african students?

All my condolences for the people of France.

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ZigZag Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 4, 2015, 10:47 AM
Here are the rules for participation 

1. You don't have to be tagged to participate!
2. If you are featured, you are TAGGED, and you MUST participate! Do it, guys!
3. No excuses!!
4. How to do it:  If you are a PHOTOMANIPULATOR, you must select 5 of your own favorite works and feature them. Feature ONE prominent stock photo and the name of the person who created it. (That means you'll have 10 total artworks in your feature.) If you are a STOCK PROVIDER, you must select 5 of your own favorite works and feature them. Tag your ONE favorite photomanipulator who used each stock image, and include their deviation that used your stock. (That means you'll have 10 total artworks in your feature.)
5. No tag-backs!
6. You have 24 hours.
7. Paste these rules at the top of your feature journal.

Tagged by :iconevelivesey:

Mechanical Dragon by Carlos-Quevedo 
EDEN II by Carlos-Quevedo snake 21: coiled by cyborgsuzystock
Asteria by Carlos-Quevedo Era by faestock
Celestial Warrior Victoria by Carlos-Quevedo Winged Perfection - White by Thy-Darkest-Hour
Celestial Warrior Aurora by Carlos-Quevedo a walk in the woods part 1 by vampurity-stock


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Tales of Fire

Journal Entry: Sat May 30, 2015, 9:13 AM
The best fiery manipulation.

Consumed by neverdying Terra by itsbxd
Upgrade by elreviae Summer Time by Khazei
Elements - Fire by CassiopeiaArt Zodiac man by Daywish
Phoenix by brandrificus Morning Star by Blavatskaya
IV: Vessel by ErikShoemaker Sister Gypsy by artorifreedom
Spies in Mordor by neverdying Trust in Me by Aegis-Illustration
Revelations by PetyaPlamenova Flower Girl by kuschelirmel
Mourning star by itsbxd Judgment Day by MirellaSantana
Deep by Aegis-Illustration Phoenix by Trisste-stocks
DARK SIDE by grohsARTig Mythos:Golem by itsbxd
Mother Of Dragons by Whendell Demonic by Dani-Owergoor
Fiery by gyaban Subdued by sara-hel
Mortal Inquisition by ErikShoemaker My pain by MiloshJevremovic
The Depths by kimsol GAZA IS BURNING! by A7md3mad
Dilemma of free will by MindTuber Jupiter Rising by FlewDesigns


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Massive theft of art

Journal Entry: Fri May 1, 2015, 10:37 AM

This is to inform that I found this guy who make his video tutorials and arts cutting off parts of our artworks to make his own. I'm so pissed off for this! I talked to him by facebook and he said that he has his own copyright, he doesn't want to delete the content, so I proceeded to report a couple of his videos on Youtube, but I saw many artworks there that I've seen here on DA, so below are the links of his channel and his facebook pages (where he posted lots of edited artworks) Check this out, maybe your artwork is there too.……

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Journal Entry: Thu Jun 19, 2014, 6:58 PM

Hey guys, I want to inform that my next works are now available as DA prints


They are available for all the sizes and products.

(If you want a custom print let me know. Drop me a note)

Incandescent by Carlos-Quevedo Celestial Warrior Aurora by Carlos-Quevedo
Celestial Warrior Liliel by Carlos-Quevedo Celestial Prayer by Carlos-Quevedo
Celestial Warrior Leah by Carlos-Quevedo Celestial Warrior Victoria by Carlos-Quevedo
 Celestial Warrior Lena by Carlos-Quevedo Evangeline by Carlos-Quevedo


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The Best I've ever seen (Part 1)

Journal Entry: Fri May 23, 2014, 8:13 AM
This is a display of the best manipulations I've ever seen on DA…

All of these pieces are very well-known as their amazing authors.
DISFRUTAD DEL ARTE! (enjoy the art)

Victoria by FlobelebelebobeleAnastasia by alexnoreaga
Reflection of Pain by mimikascraftroomCompassion by Aegis-Illustration
Make a wish by Megan-Arts
Perdida by A7md3madApocalypse Angel II by WhendellThe Goddess of Ravens by Wesley-SouzaOphelia by BlavatskayaSleep Well My Angel by MirellaSantana
Theseus by MachiavelliCroUnknown by Dani-OwergoorI will take you home by CindysArtT H E C R O W by shiny-shadows-ArtCat and mouse game by SoulcolorsArt
Trapped by neverdyingRevelations by PetyaPlamenovaSummon The Beast by Blackpearls91
Under Her Own Steam by KingaBritschgi
Make me Blind by blaithiel
Solitude by Iskander1989The Artist's Imagination by Cold-Tommy-GinLeda by MarcelaBolivar
Reverie by sara-helFoxes and crows by DesireeDelgado
Lola's Ballet Lesson by nina-Ywater dragon by VasylinaUntitled V by DariaEndresen
Imagine A Dream 3 by BenjaminHaley
Knights And Horses by Paulo-Bert
Tra le nuvole by LaDeaBendata
Queen of the Damned by StarsColdNight
La Falena Regina by L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A
Dark Wings, Dark Words by kuschelirmel
The Attraction Of Opposites by mashina

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2nd DD + Feature!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 4:02 PM

Very happy to get another Daily Deviation, it’s so cool!

I want to thank to :iconflobelebelebobele: for suggesting my work

and :iconaeirmid: for featuring it.:heart:

Celestial Warrior Leah by Carlos-Quevedo

Amazing pieces I’ve seen recently:

Dragon Tamer by PetyaPlamenova
Deep by CindysArt
Symphony of colors ~ Daily Deviation by Ellysiumn
Burning III by MirellaSantana

Mechanica by MachiavelliCro
Kali by Flobelebelebobele
Journey to an Unknown Place by Wesley-Souza
lantern by evenliu
Whisper to the heavens by StarsColdNight
Country of the robot boy by Klauzero
Gather Me To You by Shedboy68
Teleidoscope 2014 - Monster by DesireeDelgado
Flame in the Darkness by Hoangvanvan
A feeling inside me by eclipsy
Aura by LadFree
The Island by Dani-Owergoor
planet by evenliu

Duality by Brumae-Art
Paper Boat by Megan-Arts
Fresh Moon Wine by IgnisFatuusII
The Untold Story by xetobyte
Mesmerized by alkab-art
Maleficent by Ariel87
spam! by SoulcolorsArt
A Breath of Ancient Times by vampirekingdom

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Got tagged by :icondani-owergoor:

The Rules

1. You must post these rules.

2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.

3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.

4. Choose the 10 people and put them on your journal.

5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged.

6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that."

7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.

8. No tag-backs.

9. You can't say you don't do tags.


Bullet; Blue 10 things about me Bullet; Blue

  • I love writing and I've written 2 manuscripts of a trilogy.
  • I'm an addict to read Stephen King books. I love that man.
  • I like long brown hair woman with brown eyes as well. ;)
  • I like to get the soundtrack (BSO) of my favorite movies.
  • I like brown color, also I like wearing brown leather clothing.
  • I'm such a nerd, and my friends laugh at me sometimes for that. :D
  • I hate to see misspellings in my language (Español, Castellano) (English doesn't count because I'm still learning this language :p (Lick) ) I stress so hard misspellings of my friend's texts, that's why everybody hates me sometimes. But they deserve it! I swear for God!
  • I like to read about demonologyDevilish and angelologyFloating .
  • I love Phineas and Pherb show! Blush
  • I hate noisy parties, I like silence.

Bullet; Blue My answersBullet; Blue

1 . What are you doing here at Deviantart?

Enjoying art and showing my own art.

2 . What is your favorite food?


3 . Your kind of music?

Rock, Pop-rock, Indie-rock. I love DIDO, Pink floyd, The Cranberries...

4 . Your fav artwork from another artist. (Link)

Under Her Own Steam by KingaBritschgi

5 . Your fav artwork from yourself. (link)

Goddess of the Woods by Carlos-Quevedo

6 . Exchange for 1 year in another country, where would you go?


7 . Your fav movie and serie.

Damn it! I have a lot of fav movies... I don't know... Inception and The lord of the rings. Tv series: The Walking Dead (lately)

8 . What is your biggest fear?

To Be trapped in dark room. OMG! I can't contain my excitement! 

9 . What is your biggest dream?

Being a writer.

10 . You are the penultimate human being on the planet, who would be with you?

My best friend or my iPod.

Bullet; Blue My questions for my tagged victims:Bullet; Blue

1. Who is your favorite artist here on DA and outside DA?

2. Who is your favorite writer.

3. Which is your favorite book/novel?

4. What do you do for living?

5. How did you know about Deviantart?

6. which are you favorite colors to work with?

7. Which is your favorite work from yourself? (thumb)

8. What is your biggest dream?

9. What is your favorite movie?

10. What is your favorite song?

Bullet; Blue My victims: Bullet; Blue

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