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Oculus Divina

"The eye sees everything; the eye knows everything".

Part of my series Cathedral Of Apostasy:…
 (Print available)

Skulls: wintersmagicstock freaksmg-stock 
Brush: lily-fox
Rest is personal stock, photos and painting.

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Its unbeliveble good wow! Are you like a animtor or do you only do pictures?

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thank you so much! :)
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This is my desktop background! Amazing work!! 
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A Stunning piece of work ! :)
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😲 Whoa! This is gorgeous!
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gorgeous work, simply gorgeous
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Wow and a little creepy.....! Great job!
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Gorgeous Works...
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“Mysteriously Hypnotic!”
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This, is, amazing

I don't know how to describe, but I love this character concept, this piece has a so original feel ! :happybounce:
Like, abstract but also a freaking cool fantasy interesting design, mind blowing concept ! :la:
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So good I almost faved this twice lol so awesome! :love: 
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really awesome technics
Carlos, you are amazing.
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my cat enjoys this.
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I love this. I would love to approach a project like this. Most of the work I do is usually dark in theme and in color. This is bright with the right amount of contrast. What is your process?
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Thanks. It is mostly photomanipulation + digital painting on photoshop, but knowing how to compose is the key. ;)
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