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"When we doubt about everything we know".

Base model: mjranum-stock 
Own photos, painting and purchased stock.

Special thank to nadav-y for his help on Hebrew texts.

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What is the writing, which language? Perhaps multiple?
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I like this, we have the all seeing eye. Quantum physics with the lady becoming spirit and sending get energy where she wants too. This is awesome
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i wish i could buy this,truly breath taking
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magnificent, the flying serpent is a great touch
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sweeeeet! =D 
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Awesome and original!
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WOW The wings details is so beautiful and creative :wow: I love it :love: well done :clap:
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This speaks a million words. And every fear people in the church feel when they're old enough to question.
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Very nice harmony in composition!
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Very interesting!
Random jewish here :D
words are:
"le'azazel" (curse word, something  from the bible)
"Holy Scriptures"
and there's another word im not sure about
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Beautiful and trippy looking! I love all the paper piece and the look of the texture they have. The eye on her center look really neat as well the smoke dragon.
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...Beautiful and stunning pic...:heart:
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Good work, as always.
Looks a lil' synthetic to me, though
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Beautiful and meaningful, as always Heart 
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hOLY-- this is awesome 
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This is amazing
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