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Celestial Warrior Aurora


“To defeat the darkness"

Another piece of my series Celestial Warriors.


Celestial Warrior Series:





Model vampurity-stock
Thorns: Brusheezy / midnightstouch


Sky:…  by wroth
*Metalic Pieces:

*Fire and sparks:…

The rest is painting and my own resources.

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Brilliant! Well done!
I want to buy this image "Celestial Warrior Aurora" to use for my publishing of book.
How should I do for it? 
I want just a image file, not real canvas.
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Very beautiful
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Your artwork is just mind blowing
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Ουσιαστικά πρόκειται για μια πολύ καλή δουλειά κατά τη γνώμη μου.
Oh, it is so beautiful.
Carlos the work that you do is incredible and breathtaking. You have an extremely wonderful gift and the pictures are extordinary. I love every picture that I've seen however the one picture that grabs my attention the most is this one. Just wondering is there a way to purchase one of your pictures to hang on my wall. Its just the feelings i get from this picture alone is ... Well there is no words to describe the feeling i get but all positive , powerful and encouraging. I just looove it
Carlos I have a question if the answer is no its fine ...

I'm actually writing a book and this picture fits perfectly with the novel that im writing. . Do you offer your pictures to writers or no? If so how much would it cost to do so?
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Thank you! and of course, this image is available to purchase as print. You can see the option on the right side. Greetings. 
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Mythical and beautiful! I love her!
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Do you hear that? yes that's me, crying
wow this is really amazing
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OMG!! amazing O.o
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I love every art of yours!! ♥
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This is great!  i love the motion
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well... I don't know how you can make these... but it's great, "muy bien" ... I don't speak much spanish yet wait: this is the only spanish one I ever wrote:


es que te querer
es in las estrellas
es en el sol y mar
es in tu

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Thank you so much for those lovely words! Muchas gracias! :)
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de nada... tu arte es magnifico. I am learning a tiny bit, see?

I will respond to these, one day, compadre ;-) hehe... very inspiring!
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