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Aeternum II

Part of my series Cathedral of Apostasy.

Aeternum by Carlos-Quevedo

Potion: DemonsChain-Stock 
Rest is own Photography and purchased stock. 


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Love Headbang! Airborne Woohooooo!Awesome! 
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Impressive and imaginative as always.  I am always pleased to see more art from you, and thank you for sharing it with us all.
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Amazing details :wow: and great light :love:
Carlos-Quevedo's avatar
thanks so much Weasly!
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Awesome work as usual. Do you have a video that demonstrate your process? Would love to see it.
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thank you! I do have a speedart of one of my pieces:…
Thought for a minute he had scrimshaw legs....
Carlos-Quevedo's avatar
Scrimshaw? It's an old art: sailors would carve designs into whalebone or walrus tusks, etc. in their spare time, and sell them for drinking money when they came ashore.…

There are still some scrimshanders (scrimshaw carvers) in the modern world, but animal conservationists aren't happy that some people are killing endangered species just to make a few extra dollars this way.
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So interesting that you titled this Eternal 2. I've never seen anyone else use that same title until now. This definitely honors its esoteric truth <3
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Beautiful work as always. ^.^
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Beautiful. There is something really divine in her. Not sure if it is her gentle pose, contrasting with the wild wings, but she seems to be much more than a mortal.
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thanks for your comment!

bro this video is private. please fix it man i want to learn it :(((

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fabulous work! I'm loving this serie!Heart 
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