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Deinonychus antirrhopus

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Great lighting and flow!
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madre gallina hahaha
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I love the perspective! :la:

However the hallux (first toe, also known as spur) is missing...
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Amazing! But you're underrepresenting the sharpness and curvature of the first finger and second toe. Look how huge they are:…
And that's without the keratin outer layer they'd have had in life.
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they should show them almost flying, like gliding on the ground with their wings, jumping high and fast ! That's what this painting makes me imagine :)
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So that's what the JP raptors would look like with feathers...
It looks cool in my opinion I wish they would use feathered raptors in movies
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Very nice art work! I love this one ♥
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Awesome colors, great camera view, and such a nice feathery buddy!
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Great piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
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So dynamic! 
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Ah!  I just love Raptors!  Especially the feathered ones!  Excellent work
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Oh wow! Looks like something I'd see out of a dinosaur guide or even a fast-paced chase scene!! :dance:
I really love the intense perspective here, how it looks like it's leaning off slightly.
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Did this dinosaur actually exist?
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Wonderful, I'm trying to incorporate some aspects of prehistoric raptors into some of my own concepts and your art provided an excellent outlet for me to visualize the movement and coloring. Thank you! :) I love the subtle teal in the feathers and the background
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Thank you very much.  I lived in Laguna California for a while where that palette is part of the old art scene there.
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Fantastic lighting and sense of motion.
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