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This is my first dock icon, so please be nice :)

Comes with and without the glossy reflection underneith. Please comment, and remember, you got it from me first ;)
© 2006 - 2021 carlnewton
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Impressive..I like the style of the new RSS Icons.. hehehe good job
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The background looks cool. I post it on my site. Thanks.
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You don't mention a license. Please state whether anyone can share this image by specifying the license (for example, GNU GPL v3).

Nice work, BTW! ;)
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I will use for emudreams layout, for background to another RSS icon by Thirteen-Autumns. Thanks!
can I use it on [link] please?
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Of course you can. Though I have made a newer RSS icon here, cleaned up some of the gloss effects etc. Use which ever one you prefer :)
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Nice work! Perfer with reflection.
(Only just come across this)
can i use this png for image of rss link in my blog?
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Yes! Thanks for asking. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. Enjoy!
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This is going to be used in Pipeline now :)
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Awesome! :woot:
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goood work..its wonderful! 8D what kind of program have u used??
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Thank you! I used Adobe Photoshop CS2!
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excuse my thinked you have used illustrator..can u create a tutorial??
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Great idea! I will make a tutorial on how to make such graphics in the near future! :)
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thank you..u are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!
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wow, Excellent work mate!
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Thanks very much Jase. I didn't know you had a DA account!
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