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Fire Emblem if

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Marks / Camilla / Leon / Elise
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Neat! Context up to imagination, or is something specific happening here?
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What is Happening!? Who Dares Scare Elise so bad she is about to cry!
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This pictures summarizes not only their character development, but the gameplay as well.
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I'm not here to harm you all... QAQ
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The art style is so cool!  It displays the atmosphere perfectly.  I can imagine what's happening.  Hoshidan or Vallite soldiers have infultrated Castle Krakenburg (or however it's spelled), Xander is shielding Camilla and Elise while Leo makes an escape route.
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That would explain why Elise looks so Scared! I Just want to hug her!
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Absolutely phenomenal. The only issue is that it's pretty distracting how Leo is looking to the side, where him looking forward would really complete the picture. However, your technical skills are some of the best on DA, period.
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What Conquest feels like on Lunatic
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Awesome. Great job.
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I love them, but my love for Hoshido is stronger....Takumi is my fav cinnamon roll
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Is this being seen by the poit of view of the monster they are fighting?
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This is gorgeous!!
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Marx/Xander totally fits his description on the wiki, protective of his siblings. This image is somehow re-enforcing my decision to chose Conquest once Fates comes out in english
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Great FE:F fanart! Making me really pumped for Conquest when it arrives!
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