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Jungle Book: Monkey Abduction

By Carliihde
“Two of the strongest monkeys caught Mowgli under the arms and swung off with him through the treetops, twenty feet at a bound” -The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling p. 47

Here is the first in a series of 3 Jungle Book illustrations I did for my Story Adaptation class at the Joe Kubert school. I was heavily influenced by the BRILLIANT artwork and inking of Bernie Wrightson for this. Of course I twisted the style to my own but it was really fun doing all the little details and line work. Please full view to see all the work I put into this ha ha.

Comments and critiques always welcome
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Love the line detail in your work :).
Carliihde's avatar
:) Thank you very much!
faustie's avatar
incredibly tight line control. I am jealous of your badassitude. ^_^
Carliihde's avatar
hah, love that word! Thank you :)
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This looks great! Well done! I really hope you draw some more scenes from the jungle book.
Carliihde's avatar
:) Thank you! You mean more than 3 scenes?
Your welcome! And yes more than 3 scenes. I hope I am not being to greedy.
Carliihde's avatar
haha, :) I'm not sure if Ill be doing more of the Jungle Book but Ill be posting new art all the time! Promise!
Ok, shame. I you'll one day do some more.
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These illustrations are amazing. Well done.
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Thank you so much, it really is an honor
thisismyboomstick's avatar
Really like the technique.
Carliihde's avatar
Thank you so much!
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Amazing details! I hate monkeys, but I love the way you drew them haha.
The line work is gorgeous, very inspiring. Can't wait to see more!
Carliihde's avatar
Hhaha that's so funny, i hate them too! Looking up monkey reference was so scary! They are the ugliest creatures and they are EVIL! :D but thank you so much for your kind words
anari-chan's avatar
I'm glad we have the exact same feelings about monkeys :XD:
And you're welcome! : )
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