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Joseph Gordon Levitt Rotoscope Animation

To celebrate my Daily Deviation (thank you so so much :iconginkgografix: for featuring me!) I have decided to release and "unreleased" animation for you all to see!!!
This animation was done for Joseph Gordon Levitt himself on his site called HitRECord It's an online collaboration site where thousands of artists come together to create beautiful pieces of art, music, film, etc. Check it out if you can!
This is a total of about 89 drawings. It took me many many hours (like a few days) to create this. Rotoscope and animation is not for the faint of heart (specially if you decide to color it)

But anyway, thank you so so much for all of your support (If I'm not able to thank you all personally for your comments, favorites and watches!)

I hope your year has been just as wonderful as mine was


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What an amazing animation! So smooth :)

QuakerII's avatar
Brilliant example of the form of animation. WELL done.
Molfar-Spirit's avatar
Well, no words. It's just incredible. It's the best animation, I've ever seen! Keep up your gorgeous work!
garyjsmith's avatar
Wow, that is the best rotoscope I've ever seen. All the elements are so fluid and well-captured
jofoxxart's avatar
I just found your profile your work is amazing !
Hering0000's avatar
Love this one very much!
clowve's avatar
That is phenomenal.
wow!This piece is inspiring! Now, I'm even more tempted to try out rotoscoping. You are, indeed, a true artist. 
Savage-Beech's avatar
stunning attention to detail, I love it!
Juvartis's avatar
Amazing attention to movement and line work!! WoW!!!
Spartannr1's avatar
This is just plain awesome :O
FalkSMASH's avatar
AndyArt51's avatar
amazing movement!
SpaceCatK's avatar
but... how u do this??
FluffyRandi's avatar
How do I find it on the site
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My page on Hitrecord is… but sadly they can't put up the full finished music video on the site because of copyright infringement because the full segment is owned by Pivot/the Hitrecord community. All I can post up are the animations I did on my own. 
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Whats the music video??? is it on YT 
Carliihde's avatar
Sadly no, the tv show has the rights to the finished video. I can show you where the key frames can be found though. If you are interested in hearing the song…
FluffyRandi's avatar
Aw alright 
thank you 
Enearalis's avatar
I could watch this aaall the time
Gryffgirl's avatar
So well made and impressive!  Watching it makes me smile! :)
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