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what is this and why :(

done in Sai
maybe 2-3 hours
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This is cute and because Fluttershy.
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i approve of this ghostly apparition :nod:
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The volume,colors and composition are very off , you could have make this so much better but these things  are important,respect them if you wanna be a good artist,do more efforts for christ sake what do you think being an artist is? Learn stuff don't just think you're great and do stuff you don't know about, learn about composition and colors or give up and kill yourself,people like you are disgusting.
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Meet me behind McDonald at 3am and don't bring your moma like last time. I'll destroy you this time and for realsies. You want me to do stuff i am experienced with, fight me and learn about my deathwan-do from first hand experience. Don't you dare cutting off on me, i swear i'll call the internet police on you and they'll get you. 
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Hahahah lmfao you know I have this katana collection don't fuck with me I will cut all your arms and if I don't I'll call my cousin attorney and he will put death sentence to you,shut up and get out before I send a virus on your pc. Yes , I know c++ and java and I can't control your computer and break it in a few minutes,so fuck off you srcub dweeb
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Do you even know who you're writing with i have friends who have friends who have friends which cousins has a friend who works for the illuminati. Don't even try to scare me with your toothpick katana, i saw your mom using it last night to get rid of her neckbeard. I have read all the fedora prophecies and i'm a professional euphorian. 
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Oh yeah? I got my cousin working on the newest call of duty and he got me a copy before everybody and I did already achievement for the 50 no scope? can you do that? You can't, because you're a loser and a failure nobody like you, my mom love me, so you can get the fuck out. And fedoras are not for people like you, you think you got class? ahahahah I got class and I wear them like the gentlemen I am and I have 3 gfs at the moment and none of them even suspect. You wear fedora and you get friendzone , even your mom friendzone you lmao, you loser I dont care about your illuminati contact, my grandpa knows the queen of america and you can be put in jail and rape so shut up you loser 
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