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Coolin' Down

The lack of AJ in my Gallery made me cry.

Thanks a lot for the 420 Watchers!

Made in Paint tool Sai

Character (C) My little Pony Hasbro
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RainbowHeartPony's avatar
nice to see this while it's summer 😊❤
AuraShaman's avatar
Wait... Can't the pegesi just move some clouds in to block the sun?
Sonicrainboom177's avatar
Wow amazing hey did anyone see the rainbow in the water
Blackvegetable's avatar
TamarRei's avatar
Love your original style!
The colouring is just delicious.
CarligerCarl's avatar
Thanks alot! ^3^ i really appreciate that compliment :3!
da-andi's avatar
Hm, i cant help myself, but the water looks like a very strong breeze is blowing it toward RD. :o
Besides of that nonetheless a nice drawing, looks like everyone had a lot of fun that day! :lol:
games1004's avatar
RD is probably accelerating the airflow. ;) (Wink)  More air, more air-conditioning!
da-andi's avatar
Pegasus-thermodynamics! :lol:
Halpthiuian's avatar
Ahhh!! Nothing like a good, cool hose on a hot day!
GUILLE832's avatar
How cute! Great pic by the way, I simply love your style
CarligerCarl's avatar
Thanks so much /)^3^(\!!
commanderchristian's avatar
heh its dash having fun
commanderchristian's avatar
CarligerCarl's avatar
yuuuus she's my queen :3 My little Zerg Queen :D
commanderchristian's avatar
Mephiles told me that your the Iblis trigger. If your wondering who I am my name is silver the hedgehog
asadama's avatar
Cute picture! :D
CarligerCarl's avatar
Thanks alot! ^3^!
EverlastingJoy's avatar
There is something to be said about that on a hot summer's day. Aaaaaahhhh....
Malawie's avatar
AW god!
Whats that fuzzy thing in jack's ear?
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