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The TUp 100 Project: Prompt 72
Prompt 72: Victory
The Chronos battle was over. Everywhere, Rangers were waiting any sort of news, but the higher-ups had been keeping a tight lid on everything.
Taz had been released from the hospital, on crutches, with strict instructions to relax. So she sat in the common room of the base, surrounded by various Rangers. They all pretended to be busy, but there was a sort of tenseness to the air. Something was going to happen.
Taz turned the page of her book, glancing up at the clock. Visiting hours at the hospital were in ten minutes. If she had to hobble over there, she should get going now. She wanted to have as much time with Up as possible, as he was still in Recovery after his surgery.
He was...different now, but Taz was sure it was only a phase. He would just get back up, like he always did. She sighed, closing the book and setting it on the couch. She pushed her casted leg off the couch, and her okay leg followed. Using her crutches as leverage, she began getting off t
:iconcarliehitachiin:CarlieHitachiin 5 0
The TUp 100 Project: Prompt 67
Prompt 67: Correct
Up knocked on the door, and received a "¡Déjame en paz!." from inside.
"Taz, it's me." he said.
"¡Déjame en paz!" she repeated, and he heard something slam down in her room.
"Listen, Lieutenant Criss told me you didn't go to class, and that he hasn't seen you in the cafeteria." Up said, patiently. "So, I'm here to find out what's wrong, and I have food for you." He shook the bag, hoping the sound would get Taz to unlock the door.
She opened the door, and he raised his eyebrows. Her short hair was sticking up everywhere, her red bandanna nowhere to be seen, a pencil stuck behind her ear. She was wearing a tank top and pajama bottoms. She reached for the bag, but he held it out of reach. "Let me in, Taz."
She sighed, moving aside, and Up walked into her room. She shut the door behind her, and snatched the bag out of his hand, and climbing back onto her bed, where Up noticed the crumpled up papers, open textbook, and a calculator
:iconcarliehitachiin:CarlieHitachiin 2 8
The TUp 100 Project: Prompt 13
Prompt 13: Alcohol
It was 3 in the morning when knocking on her door woke Taz up. "Joo gotta death wish or sometin?" she called sleepily, reaching for either the light or her zapper, whichever she touched first.
"Sorry to wake you up, Taz, but it's Up." came Bug's voice nervously. Taz immediately jumped out of bed, hitting the light switch on her way over, and flinging open her door, only to find Bug struggling to support a very, very, very drunk Up, who was smiling in a dazed way at the ceiling.
"What da hell happened at Krayonder's bachelor fiesta? she asked, staring at Up with wide eyes and beginning to reach out to help support him.
"Is that Taz?" asked Up, looking around wildly, his Southern accent slurred. "Bug, don't...don't wake up Taz, she'll get mad. Besides, she's so pretty when she's sleepin'."
Taz stopped trying to get a hand on him, and turned a bright red for just a quick second, before turning back to Bug, her composure back. Bug chuckled nervously. "I can
:iconcarliehitachiin:CarlieHitachiin 0 9
The TUp 100 Project: Prompt 3
Prompt 3: Subtle
He approached her cautiously, unsure of what to expect. She was easily capable of killing him if he said the wrong thing.
However, he had to know what was going on.
It had started when she tried to smuggle food on board the ship. Up had reprimanded her, and thrown out the food. "Taz, we've got plenty of food on board, you know that!"
Then, she began slamming stuff around her, moving it all around and making a lot of noise whenever Up walked into the room.
The final straw had been her starting to snap at him for every little thing he did. He could pick up a pencil she dropped, and she got mad at him, yelling and calling him several names in Spanish that he didn't want to know the definition of.
But this was it. He was standing in front of her, no one else was around, and the moment was finally here.
"Taz...what's bothering you?"
She turned, staring him down. He felt himself back up just a bit, terrified of his Lieutenant.
"What do you think, idiota?" she a
:iconcarliehitachiin:CarlieHitachiin 2 7
The TUp 100 Project: Prompt 97
Prompt 97: (writer's choice) Gloves
"Okay, cadets, that's enough for today." said the Lieutenant who had been supervising the sparring. Taz climbed off of her opponent, dusting herself off, and glanced over to see Up looking in through the windows of the gym. She waved, and he gave her a half-hearted smile.
She knew then that something was wrong.
She barely heard the Lieutenant say "Dismissed" as she ran over to the door, turning and facing Up, worried about what was wrong.
"¿Qué está pasando? Ha pasado algo? Up, hablar a conmigo!" she said frantically.
"Taz, Taz, you're speakin' Spanish, calm down, I can't understand you." Up said, trying to calm her down, the wear and tiredness noticeable in his voice.
"Up, what is goin' on?" Taz said. struggling to remain in English when she was this panicked.
"I'm getting transferred to the Ice Regions. My ship leaves in about an hour." Up said gently, his hands on her tiny shoulders.
Taz's eyes widened, "Joo'll
:iconcarliehitachiin:CarlieHitachiin 2 17
The TUp 100 Project: Prompt 32
Prompt 32: Mirror
On her twenty-fifth birthday, they went to Mexico. They didn't go to get drunk in one of the tourist towns, or to go to the beach and enjoy the warm water. They went to a small town that barely had a speck on the map. It was remembered as the first Mexican town to fall to the robots.
To Taz, it was her childhood home.
She stood at front of her home, frozen. Unable to turn away, but terrified to keep moving forward. The tough, no-nonsense Lieutenant Taz was once again the terrified fifteen year old Tazia Lopez watching her family be slaughtered in front of her.
Suddenly, Up's warm, calloused hand slipped into hers, and he said softly in his Southern accent, "It's alright, Taz."
She nodded, and together, they walked into the house.
Most of the house had fallen apart, but in the entry way, there was a mirror hanging on one of the remaining walls. The corner had a large crack in it, and the edges of the mirror were black.
Taz stopped in front of the mirror, examini
:iconcarliehitachiin:CarlieHitachiin 0 14
Naughty Things by CarlieHitachiin
Mature content
Naughty Things :iconcarliehitachiin:CarlieHitachiin 3 7
Prayers From Cosplayers by CarlieHitachiin Prayers From Cosplayers :iconcarliehitachiin:CarlieHitachiin 10 25
Here's To Today- Chapter 4
"Hello, Freddy!" called Hagrid, waving. Several first years turned to stare at Freddy, who grinned nervously and waved back. Hagrid called out a final time "Any more firs' years?" before turning, and indicating that the students should follow him.
Leaving the well-lit station, the group of first years followed Hagrid. Freddy and Sophie found themselves in the middle of the group.
"Watch yer' step, now." said Hagrid from the front of the group, just before Sophie tripped, landing into Freddy.
"Gah! I'm sorry, Freddy!" she apologized.
Freddy laughed. "Watch your step, Sophie! Geez!"
"Look!" shouted a kid in the front of the line as the line began to round a corner.
Freddy strained to see what everyone at the front of the line was in awe of, and when he finally reached the corner as well, he understood.
There, on the other side of a huge lake, was Hogwarts.
Freddy had been to Hogwarts twice before, for Teddy's graduation, and then for Victoire's last year. But it was different now, in an
:iconcarliehitachiin:CarlieHitachiin 1 4
VocaHeart Productions by CarlieHitachiin VocaHeart Productions :iconcarliehitachiin:CarlieHitachiin 2 2 Happy 100 Deviations by CarlieHitachiin Happy 100 Deviations :iconcarliehitachiin:CarlieHitachiin 2 0 The Muderous Wake Left Behind by CarlieHitachiin The Muderous Wake Left Behind :iconcarliehitachiin:CarlieHitachiin 5 2 He Sang His Twisted Melodies by CarlieHitachiin He Sang His Twisted Melodies :iconcarliehitachiin:CarlieHitachiin 5 6 The Second by CarlieHitachiin The Second :iconcarliehitachiin:CarlieHitachiin 3 2 Rin's Desk by CarlieHitachiin Rin's Desk :iconcarliehitachiin:CarlieHitachiin 9 35
Here's to Today chapter2
Freddy found an empty compartment, and lugged his trunk into it, setting Gizmo's cage on the seat, and tried to lift his heavy trunk into the overhead luggage racks. Students passing by chuckled at the first year's struggles, but suddenly, he heard a familiar voice.
"Oh, Freddy!"
A group of 7th years had stopped at the exclamation, and Dominique Weasley stepped into the compartment.
"Hey, Dominique." said Freddy, smiling.
"This first year one of your relatives, Dom?" asked one of the boys who was in her group.
"Yeah, he's my cousin. Are you having trouble with your trunk, Freddy?" Dominique didn't wait for a response. "Hey, guys, can you give me a hand with this trunk?"
Two of the boys stepped forward, and with ease, lifted the trunk into the racks. "Thanks." said Freddy, relieved, and Dominique smiled.
"No problem. See you around, Freddy."
The seventh years disappeared, and Freddy was left alone for a few moments, when his compartment slid open again.
"Um, do you mind if I sit in here
:iconcarliehitachiin:CarlieHitachiin 0 0
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Awaited - Winry and Danielle by An-Haruno-Girl Awaited - Winry and Danielle :iconan-haruno-girl:An-Haruno-Girl 216 45 Vanellope's Kart by TRC-Tooniversity Vanellope's Kart :icontrc-tooniversity:TRC-Tooniversity 265 43
Wreck it Ralph: Sick Day
"I gotta tell ya, grease monkey, you sure picked a bad time to get a virus." She had picked a bad time. It was Friday night, which meant tomorrow was Saturday. And Saturday at the arcades was the equivalent to little kids in a candy shop. Pure, hectic chaos. And a lot of it.
Vanellope scowled at him from where she was walking- right beside him, her small hand clutched in his massive ones. "I didn't mean to."
Ralph had found her over an hour ago after popping over to Sugar Rush for a nightly visit. Work had ended, and he'd had to avoid bumping into an overzealous Felix Jr. who'd been getting ready for his date with Calhoun for over a week and was running late. But he'd made it. Vanellope had been ecstatic to see him, but something had been off. No flying insults, no harsh words and when he had asked her if she wanted to show him the new cart tricks she had learned she said she couldn't. "I'm feeling dizzy," she'd said, her voice small and embarrassed.
He'd checked her temperature, a cha
:icongalimatias123:Galimatias123 179 83
The Glitch by MarcusThomas The Glitch :iconmarcusthomas:MarcusThomas 1,210 113 Station of Sweets :Vanellope Von Schweetz: by Xelku9 Station of Sweets :Vanellope Von Schweetz: :iconxelku9:Xelku9 646 136 Sugar Rush: Vanellope by JJonasluvr1054 Sugar Rush: Vanellope :iconjjonasluvr1054:JJonasluvr1054 313 7 wreck it ralph by Orphen5 wreck it ralph :iconorphen5:Orphen5 583 76 Sugar Rush: Vanellope by JJonasluvr1054 Sugar Rush: Vanellope :iconjjonasluvr1054:JJonasluvr1054 469 42 Ralph and Vanellope by ss2sonic Ralph and Vanellope :iconss2sonic:ss2sonic 2,924 208 Blue Dress Ball Gown by LilyStox Blue Dress Ball Gown :iconlilystox:LilyStox 682 48 Hufflepuff? WTF? by AliWildgoose Hufflepuff? WTF? :iconaliwildgoose:AliWildgoose 323 101 Hufflepuff - The Party House by Scorch-D Hufflepuff - The Party House :iconscorch-d:Scorch-D 662 116 Point and Laugh by Son-Neko Point and Laugh :iconson-neko:Son-Neko 265 22 Now I've Got You by elvenarcher Now I've Got You :iconelvenarcher:elvenarcher 9 2



Carlie Guadagnolo
United States
I'm a cosplayer :)

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I cosplay :iconsexyhungaryplz: with a Hetalia family :)

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Current Residence: California
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Small, because I know you want to buy me some, right?
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Favourite genre of music: Everything
Favourite photographer: My Aunt
Favourite style of art: All
Operating System: Vista
MP3 player of choice: iPod
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Wallpaper of choice: Whatever I feel like it being
Skin of choice: IDK
Favourite cartoon character: Bumblebee and Sari from Transformers Animated
Personal Quote: <3 Mad As A Hatter <3
  • Listening to: Various Tunes
  • Reading: Doctor Who Fanfics, Learning to Dance, my prompts
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: the Sims 3
  • Eating: nuffin
  • Drinking: nuffin
Well, I've started college.

Lost some friends.

Made some new ones.

C'est la vie.

I feel very left out of certain things, and while it has happened before, it's at a new level of sorts. I was expecting such an occurrence, however, so it's really not that big of a surprise, although that's not to say it doesn't hurt a little bit.


ANYWAYS. I love Tumblr. DO YOU LOVE TUMBLR? Tumblr is an addicting magical place. :)

College is going pretty good so far. Lot of nice people :)

The TUp 100 is slowly getting worked on. Check it out here -->…

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