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Multiple Uploads and DD

Thu Jun 28, 2018, 1:28 AM
Apologise if you're seeing two sets of post from me at the moment. I've had scheduled uploads whilst I'm away and there was an error during submissions. I can't see double  in my tabs but it seems to be happening. Hopefully its not too annoying. There are two more images set for upload before I get back.

Thank you for comments and likes on the servitors illustration, the DD was a nice surprise.

Thanks for the DD

Fri Oct 20, 2017, 4:58 AM
So yep, thank you for all your comments and Favs on the DD. I'm slowly thanking people properly for it.

Brat by CarlHolden


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The majority of my work is owned by one company or another so I can't extend the use of it. This includes youtube channels and soft/hard copy publications. Its always nice to hear people are using them as their desktop backgrounds though.

I've been getting a lot of request notes recently, please be aware I work at industry standard prices.
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To everyone that favourite, commented on the legion piece and especially to those numerous people that nominated it. I'd thank you all with messages but deviantart thought I was a spam bot after the 30th message, so I've resorted to a journal.

Let me know if you submitted it to one of the DD moderators.

- Holden.