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Nova Praxis - Mars Olympus


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Client: Void Star Studio
Type: Speed painting 8 x 5 inches 6 paintings over 3 days
Medium Photoshop - Painted using the Sparth shape technique

I recently got to work on an exciting savage world kickstarter called Nova Praxis which Andree Wallin provided the initial art for, as far as I know.  I'm no where near his ability, but knowing my work was going to be next to his made me try new things.

My favourite image of the lot and the first time I attempted to use sparth shape technique. There was a building in an architecture now book which involved a spine and tension wires to build multiple layers pushed to the extremes a bit but........ its still got two point fixing with 2/5 overhangs , still doable with tension wire like Zumthors Thermal baths if not expensive but meh. As we used to say - 'Its the engineers problem and Mars gravity is 1/3, yeah completely build-able, 'shut up Carl ':D'

Process and Associating images

  Earth - Grey goo by Carl-Holden     Titan City - Saturn by Carl-Holden   Luna Serro by Carl-Holden    Vantage Station by Carl-Holden    House Cipriani - Mercury by Carl-Holden

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Drawing by Carl Holden © Copyrighted 2015  
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© 2014 - 2022 CarlHolden
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Sweeeet man dude that is legit

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Amazing!! GREAT JOB!

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I don't know what I am looking at, but I like it

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It does look appealing. But I think your imagination of this drawing of yours is far richer compared to your actual output. Nonetheless, you've created something awesome. Keep it up!

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Thank you, have a nice day.

This would make for a great scifi book cover. Now I just want to play that game and explore this strange planet.

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Was part of the game Nova Praxis glad you liked it.

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Impressive work. Keep it up.

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Thanks very much

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I wish I knew how to art 
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Honestly it just takes practice.
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I love that desert lighting! And that speeder racing away too. It looks like an exciting place, very frontierish.
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