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History of making the world better


History of making the world better

We look through our history and what do we see but pages and pages of ancestry. Whose path laid out for all to see the groundwork of what will come to be for many sung the notes of freedom glory so we could take part in the melody. Some heeded the call of change above all so everyone will have equal ability to thrive and prosper as they should have done from the beginning. These are the people we have to thank for giving all the right to vote at least in states. But all is not well there's still a battle to be won for people are still knock aside for things that should be accepted without fail. For what does it matter the gender we chose to wear aren't we all human with burdens to bare? What does it matter who we call our lover for isn't the heart big enough to embrace them all? What does it matter the religion we upheld as long as we use it carefully to not hurt others using it as a token to do so without consequence even our children without remorse? These are only a


Jungle Background for Animation Short

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Pierre Carles is a fantasy artist who first started painting fairy-tale creatures for his older daughter, when she was still a young girl. His models and themes have expanded since that time, but his lovely daughters and wife remain his greatest sources of inspiration.

COMMISSIONS (illustrations, character design, concept art, tatoos, body painting, ...):

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Current Residence: Paris, France
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Too many to list
Favourite Movies
Les Enfants du Paradis (Marcel Carné and Jacques Prévert)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Too many to list
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Edmond Rostand maybe ? Cyrano de Bergerac is the man I wish I was
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Silent Hill 2 , Mario Kart Wii, Dragon Age Origins
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Wii, PS3
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Everything but sport

The 78 Tarot Kickstarter

The 78 Tarot Kickstarter

Allow me to speak about the 78 Tarot project, an international collaborative endeavor in which 78 (really, 80) artists from all over the world gather and create ONE tarot card each, out of a full 78-card traditional deck. The final deck is then produced as a high-quality high-end collectible product, which can appeal both to people who are using tarot AND to fantasy or symbolic art collectors. An art book also comes along the deck in the "deluxe" edition. This huge project is being led by two wonderful ladies, Kayti Welsh and Delphine Demers Griffin, with the help of Trish Sullivan as a community manager. And believe me, dealing with 80 arti

Back from the Dead

Back from the Dead

By the pricking of my thumb, Something wicked this way comes ... Yes, I am back from the depth of a truly maddening year, with little idea of how so much time went to pass unnoticed. But I have many art news to share, and many works too ! So stay tuned, more will come soon. :-)

Exhibition in Paris

Exhibition in Paris

Hi there ! I know I have been rare on this website, as of late. Sorry about that, lots of work and health issues forced me to focus on fewer forums. But consider me back among the living ! :-) And let me start this new phase with an announcement. Librairie l'Antre-Monde in Paris is a bookstore specialized in all things fantasy, horror and science fiction, and the manager is a wonderful lady who has pretty much read everything she has in store (!). And not only is she a great literature adviser, but she has also transformed her bookstore into one of the best gathering places for fantasy lovers, inviting authors for signing, organizing small c

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Thanks for watching my art, Pierre, I appreciate it!  I'll be watching you as well. :) ~Paul
Et bonne anniversaire :hug:
Prend soin de toi surtout. Pleins d'ondes positive et de vœux de bonheur. Parce qu'on a jamais assez ;)
Un bisou en coup de vent! Prend soin de toi surtout!
Merci ! Toi aussi. :)

Et beh dis donc, la galerie s'est pas mal garnie et c'est beaucoup plus jolie ça me rend jalouse ^^

Par contre "Back from the dead" depuis décembre 2013 ça me rappelle quelqu'un :D

Qui malheureusement doit encore rester dead pour encore au moins 6 à 7 mois... Ça commence à faire long mais bon quand on a pas le choix...

Fin bref, keep it on!

Mais je ne suis pas là :(
Hey La Plume, où étais-tu passée ?
Content d'avoir de tes nouvelles. Je passe maintenant assez peu sur DA, comme tu le vois. Plusieurs raisons, mais c'est compliqué, on pourra en parler calmement une fois. Tu n'es pas sur Facebook, par hasard ? C'est là maintenant que "j'officie" le plus.
Envoie quelques nouvelles en MP quand tu en auras le temps.

Bon courage et à très vite, j'espère. :)
Bon anniversaire :la: