Forever Young

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If you could live forever, would you take that chance?

Imagine, watching your own life from afar.
Remembering the heartbreak and the tears,
Seeing all the people who left you with scars;
Coming to terms with your hidden fears.
Remember the day when you said to me,
"I want to die young or live forever."
Surely after all these years, you can see
You cannot simply wish for whatever.
Because every time I see you cry,
I'm reminded of just how much I love you.
How could you possibly wish to die?
If only you knew, if only you knew…

Do you really want to live forever?
Looks like I still got the poetry flow biatchs :D

I'm the sort of person who compulsively listens to the same song over and over again until it literally just sounds like noise. This week, that song is: [link]

I just HAD to write a poem with the same theme :D

I used some of the lyrics, but shush ;)

Hope you all like! :D

P.S- My school does an anthology of poems and written works every year... I would love suggestions of what I should write for it/what poems I've already done that could be submitted :) Thanks guys!
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Such a good poem! The beginning just pulled me in. And the flow is really nice ^^
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No problem! It was an honor to read :)
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Wonderful piece. I really like the beginning and ending lines. They tie the piece perfectly together.
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Thanks so much! :D
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Ah, yes, you still have the flow indeed! Nicely done!
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Thank you! :D
That song refused to leave my head, so I figured writing a poem was a good way to use it as inspiration :XD:
EsotericAngel's avatar
You're very welcome! It was a very good inspiration!
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Ahhhh I just don't know what to do this year. :c
Also, living forever must be absolutely horrible.
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It'll come (maybe)
Yeah, I wouldn't like that at all :XD:
Aylapng's avatar
Maybe.. for sure maybe.
Mhmm, it would be okay, then bad, then worst and worst.
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